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  • ochsnerbier ochsnerbier Aug 23, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

    Midwest Ideas Conference

    It takes real cojones to go to an investor conference, when your stock has just been delisted from the NASDAQ and is trading at twenty four and a half pennies a share. If he can convince a couple of investors that TranSwitch is a viable company, why not. Good luck Dr. Ali.


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    • Ochs,

      It doesn't take cojones, Dr. Kevorkian is just going thru the motions. He is getting paid to show up so he will and give his spiel. No one will believe him as he has no credibility, and at best can be considered to stretch the truth. With the latest cost cutting the TXCC workforce has been both gutted and then filleted. They can not possibly create any new products in the HD***** from where they are now and if anyone thinks they can the only question would be 'then why weren't these moves taken earlier?'.....and the answer is they weren't because they couldn't be if TXCC had plans to keep creating new products while supporting the ones that already existed.

      It's possible the above is incorrect....but for the most part I doubt it. It was discussed by the hack Lynch" last November about the economies of scale that TXCC was going to look for a partner/buyout for the long term to fully exploit the advantages HDplay etc. has. And HDplay does have those. Unfortunately, there were only 35 million shares at that time. Now there 70 million. The plan behind the Needham announcement, which was a continuation of the Nov call was that TXCC was going to look at rising sales that would increase the company's bargaining power to get a decent (not good, but decent) price for longer time shareholders, who mostly has a share price average of above $1....that included Steinhardt.

      That is no longer the case.....though maybe it still is for Steiny. It may be, that over 2.5 years after HD**** was introduced TXCC has realized that other companies CAN'T combine everything on one chip (if they could there would be competing solutions. There aren't and talk is cheap for those who say "What about those who might combine this or that?") the BOD feels confident that the company can wait it out thru the end of the year and into next. If Ali isn't lying about the ramp TXCC will have rising sales (north of $15 million/Q) for Q1 2014 with a much better position.

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      • altrfan,

        I feel your pain and share your frustration. We did get some good news last week with the Reliance announcement. You and I have talked about a potential ten bagger with TranSwitch. Unfortunately, that only gets the stock to a whopping $2.50, which is barely above the Bosi Line. ($2.40 was where Bosi bought about three years ago.) Only one month to go in Q3 and they better be cash flow breakeven in Q4 or it will be a failed experiment.


      • A continuation on this subject....assuming TXCC wants to make shareholders money, to what ever extent possible it will be rather difficult to do so with HDplay etc. if there are no sales, which there currently aren't. If there are to be sales, they won't start to occur in earnest until Q1 2014. The company, thru massive dilution that would get other CEO's fired in a company with a competent and non corrupt BOD should now have enough money to get thru the end of the year and breakeven. I have speculated that I believe the Tier 1 TV firm (didn't Ali previously say there were 2 supposed to ramp this year?) pushed out their production by a quarter, thru no fault of TXCC. I think that could be the case, but that it happened because this firm wants the HDplay option that included MHL, along with HDMI/Display Port and USB. They didn't want to start production with just HDMI/DP and then 3 months or so later 'upgrade' to MHL as it would #$%$ off their customers who bought HDMI/DP version, along with needing to sell different cables etc. that would need to go with the inferior version. A vendor like that prefers to simply their own production and consumer choices when they can, and they can here.

        The new TV with HDMI/DP/MHL would truly be a cutting edge top of the line item, if that turns out to be the case and would set a standard for TV's into the near future. More importantly for TXCC, this would start the quarterly revenue increase the company needs not only to to stay in business but to give TXCC a better bargaining position for a merge/sale. A company with rising sales that is generating cash from operations, neither of which TXCC has done for years (as has been pointed out here by a number of folks) is going to get a better price than one who doesn't. A TXCC with $15 million/Q sales that is generating cash and is pointing to a rising list of customers starting production could reasonably get in the 2x-3x price in annual sales as a purchase price.

    • Who cares if txcc got delisted as long as they get bought out!!! Dr Ali should work hard in getting the best deal for shareholders?! This is the only chance for making any money if txcc in this situation !?

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes.

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