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  • anilkoomar anilkoomar Aug 24, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

    txcc strategic alternatives...

    As txcc looks to pursue strategic alternatives, I am outlining the only options I will accept from TXCC's mgt...

    1) Purchase by Private Equity for total cash outlay to investors of $1 cash (no less)
    2) Purchase by another tech comapny rich in cash that can turn the TXCC promises into reality due to its OEM relationships, financial stability and execution ability. In this scenario I would except a combination of cash (no less than $.60 / share) in addition to shares in the acquiring company so that the TXCC promises can be realized and upside potential we all invested in can occur. I would like a 3rd component (a possible bonus in cash) if the acquiring company got a certain ROI and exploited TXCC's cheap share price.
    3) Either scenario (1) or (2) would need to be executed within 3 months or less. NO compromise.
    4) Recent dilution is an emabarassment to shareholders like me and a complete slap in the face on mgt's credibility and previous statements

    This message was sent clearly to Ali, Bosi & Amir Bar-Niv via phone, email, fax and snail. I am forcing the issue that the message resonates and will be replied and acted on soon. I have already gotten confirmation receipts on 2/3 emails and an expression that a reply will soon be provided. I also got an apology for the frustration I as an investor must have gone through as the company has neglected to produce shareholder value and a message indicating 'stick with us...our ongoing efforts will soon be rewarded.'

    Somebody had to do it....and I did. I may even choose to participate in the next Q&A session of the CC if I dont see results or a path heading in that direction. I am in at a cost basis of $.27 and a near 10% paper loss is ridiculous to even share for a recent investor - stock continues to slide and my patience better be rewarded at a return of 4x+

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    • WOW, you seriously are a mental case. I'm not saying that as an insult, it is pure fact at this point. Frankly, I would love it if TXCC continued to have quarterly conf calls, but I think since they are in the Pinks, it's unlikely they will have conf calls.

      However, if they did, it might be the world's greatest comedy listening to a piker, pischka, no-nothing, newbie shareholder ask questions on a call. I can only imagine listening to you, with all of 3 months in the stock, and what 2-3k dollars invested demand action! Especially with a 10% paper loss. HAHAHA Omg, I might have to we're Depends that day because I would likely #$%$ and #$%$ myself from laughter while listening to your diatribe.

      You are clearly way in over your head. I suggest sticking with the taxi driving work, the local 7/11, falafel stand, what ever it is that you do and leave the investing to the educated.

      But please, DO keep posting your nonesense on this board. I need the laughter. You are insane.

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      • Hey music,

        I will attempt to write what you consider a 'normal' post then we can have a logical conversation on who is what.

        'Kneel before ZOD' is a superman reference that you probably have heard of. Me stating that line feeds perfectly into Och's opinion of me being a self-absorbed $&@ hole. It is a line that demands respect from a neophyte and I really thought it would get under his skin but apparently he doesn't get the reference.

        I really do think that you are the one thinking highly of yourself and ochs is just an overly sensitive old man. My postings just tend to stir things up and get under your skin. I mutually find it funny and glad you are able to comply....telling me I am a newbie doesn't hurt my feelings and your wish for more entertainment will depend on your level of entertainment to me. Deal?

        Who are you say someone's investment amount is pedestrian compared to your fat wallets. You suggesting losing your #$%$ in a major way beats gaining a few k$. Enlighten me on that concept as TXCC doesn't know my stake here. You going to tell them? Probably not... Why?? Cause you have no direct contacts into the org and just waste your time popping in with no stake in the game. I can't imagine you are short at these levels and you are obviously not long...

        Anyway, what if I was just trolling your #$%$ for entertainment right back. I'm sure you would love 'koomar' to show up to the next CC and rant away. That will depend on your ability to entertain me between now and then. Get to work.

        Have a good day music.

      • music,

        Well, we can definitely agree that koomar does have some real ego/mental issues. Isn't there something called a "God Complex" or in his case a "Zod Complex"?

        BTW, for all TranSwitch's failings, one of them is not accessibility. They are one of the few companies that I follow that actually allows individual investors to participate on the call. I think they will continue to have conference calls, unless the son of ZOD calls in.


    • Koomar,

      I may regret responding (actually I won't) but Ali has a cost basis, even with all his free shares of ~$1.30-$1.35 per share and he has close to $1 million invested. Trust me when I tell you he aware of where TXCC is at, hack that he is. Unfortunately, TXCC doesn't get to dictate to other firms what the company will sell for and the completion date timetable.....stunning as it may seem.

      The company (Ali/Bosi) does not respond in writing from small investors they don't know. Bosi will return phone calls. Ochs has been on a number of CC's. Bosi doesn't write him emails. I have been on more than one, Bosi has TOLD me he does not respond to emails but returns calls. Do you even have the correct email address for him? Please write it here. I have it as I asked him if he got a couple emails I sent, he said no, I gave him the email address I was using and he said it was wrong and gave me the correct one, so if I wanted to write questions and then call he would discuss it. I have not really followed up since then as I have nothing good to say. (Actually I did call and had nothing good or printable in a family newspaper to say....Hi Bob Bosi if you are reading this board for entertainment instead of doing your effing job!)

      Why you think Ali or Bar-Niv would spend a moment of their day on you is delusional. They have been in this for have been here several weeks. Gabe Brener has been publicly calling for a sale for several years and he owns enough shares to file schedule 13's with the SEC. TXCC ignores much so he had to call on the last CC and they blew him off....but yet you will make this happen.....

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      • One more thing alftran.... And more important.

        You mention the cost basis for Ali? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard and if you had an ounce of intelligence you would have retracted the statement. His cost basis is completely irrelevant as he has buried tons and tons of cash in this dilutive disaster just like you have.

        Let me give you an analogy and just try and follow me here....

        If your cost basis on txcc was $2.5 and you are waiting for that price point, reality will hit you like a ton of bricks. It doesn't matter what the cost basis is when valuing the company as he will try and get as much as he can and probably is sitting there thinking the 2 offers he has gotten are lowballs. Until he realizes the best exit strategy is to get this done ASAP more dilution is around he corner. Should I spell that out for you?

        So the premise of my action is to drive action and stop waiting for pie in the sky figures. I will make out 2-3 fold and you may get hurt but I am ok with that. At least I am not pretending to be something I am not as this board and investing is about making money. Many including you have forgotten that.

        Take the high road... Don't be like Ochs as be needs therapy and perhaps anger mgt

        I eagerly await music to jump on this like bird to the seed...exchanges with him are highly entertaining.

    • koomar,

      Not a bad post, because you kept your ego out of it. Personally, I think they do not want a buy out and are really convinced that the things they have been telling us for the last two years will come to pass. Ilex Partners, especially with the Herb Chen connection, must really see something. (Of course, there is the fact that Herb Chen has been wrong on TranSwitch for four or five years as OSXman) At this point, my shares are worth so little that I wouldn't consider selling. The ultimate slap in the face would be to sell out and actually have the stock explode. No idea what will happen.


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