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  • altrfan altrfan Oct 9, 2013 8:50 PM Flag

    Web site updates.....

    Good things come to those who wait!......except of course if you are a TXCC shareholder. Then ya just get screwed. Anyway, and I don't view this as anything more than a coincidence, I emailed my good buddies at TXCC, the esteemed Mary Lombardo and then forwarded it to my best bud and pal Bob Bosi asking about the investor presentations that disappeared. Commented about recent posts here and that if the company wasn't going to put something there to just delete them as it looks rather bad to have the headings in the Investor section but nothing more than that, like no one at the company gives a rat's behind about how they present themselves to the public.

    Voila! (or is it viola?) it has been that the sections were deleted....which is a heck of a lot better than having it as it was, as least to me.

    And just for Ochs, the 2012 Annual Report is now up! No letter to shareholders from the best CEO on earth......bummer as that may be. The web site seems a little slow right now.....maybe the Product Brochure under the Company section is getting updated too.

    I will view this as a positive as there isn't much to hang our hats on......

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    • Still waiting for the Corporate brochure section to be updated.....I wonder if TXCC sent those people over to to help out??

      Yawnnnnn.........not much going on here is there?

    • Don't know exactly when this happened as I haven't checked the analyst page under the investors sections for a couple of weeks but that part has finally been updated to show that Stifel Nicolaus is gone (when did they drop coverage?) along with Northland Capital, who dropped coverage a couple of months ago.

      The Corporate Brochure that is supposed to list the company products under the Company heading has yet to be updated......apparently the one competent teenager TXCC managed to find for web site work went back to playing video games and the homeless person with their "Will update websites for food" sign is off drinking bottles of MD 20/20 and not interested in work at this time. Considering the lack of sales from HDplay maybe that is where the marketing department is also.......

    • altrfan,

      Good follow up.


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