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  • ochsnerbier ochsnerbier Oct 10, 2013 4:05 PM Flag


    I am so proud of my faith in TranSwitch and the HDPlay turnaround story. Today the dollar volume traded was $7,974, which is absolutely pitiful. What an idiot I have been on this one . . . . . . so far.


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    • Well Ochs,

      There may be a new high in lows today where dollar volume is far, 2 hours into the trading day a whopping 640 shares have changed hands for a total of about $130......

    • Yeah it's going to be pretty boring until the next conference call or until they announce some sort of strategic alternative, though I doubt they'd do that before the next call. If things aren't on track, a partner would have no incentive to work with them, and if they are on track, Transwitch has no incentive to move on something until their success is more concrete, thereby increasing their levarage. Really with the share price where it is, and having been delisted, the company has no incentive to spend any time on public relations. This is at the point where it's either going to work, or it's not. They aren't going to attempt to raise any additional capital with Steinhardt having his option still open. The next conference call tells the tale. IF you're looking for a postive, if you believe this will turn around the buying opportunity right now could be incredible. Without having much concrete to support this, a part of me is convinced the company is worth more in liquidation than it's currently market value. First sign of company survival and this move to $1 in a few minutes.

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      • billr,

        We have known for a long time that this is a "poop or get off the pot" moment. Right now I have 170K shares, but will sell about 20K before year end to harvest tax losses. I don't hold any animosity towards Dr. Ali and management, as they have attempted a very bold remake of TranSwitch and have much more to lose than I. As I wrote here months ago, sometimes bad things happen to good people with the best of intentions. It can be a tough world as you know.


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