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  • yassen_gregorivich yassen_gregorivich Feb 6, 2013 6:17 PM Flag

    Management screwed shareholders AGAIN

    What the HELL is wrong with these MORONS? I can't believe they just did this to us AGAIN. Just days after talking down the share price 20%, the do a transaction at a further MASSIVE discount, offering shares at a mere $3/share. Clearly Management thinks this stock is junk if they are willing to dump out at $3/share.

    ALL shareholders need to vote for NO bonuses for these boneheads.
    For that matter where the HELL is the Board of Directors that are supposed to be overseeing is mess? The CEO may be a good doctor but he is a LOUSY CEO and should be replaced with someone who knows how to RUN A COMPANY.


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    • Dude, You are about to be placed on the Ignore list.

      Look....This is actually a very smart move. Some CEO's just don't get it and you don't either. This firm knows what they are doing. The smart idea is to raise money when you have money. Some companies wait until the very last minute to raise money. Then it's too late....They end up borrowing from banks with unreal terms and they get into a worse position and have to dilute shares at inappropriate times.

      Raising money when you have money is what smart CEOs who plan and organize activities do.

      Have you seen the shares outstanding lately? Compared to most of the other biotechs that offer public shares, this company is a steal!! There is barely any shares outstanding.

      If you have a big problem with it why are you even here? Sell your shares and go somewhere else. Problem is....There isn't a better small cap Biotech that I can find right now with this kind of pipeline, cash on hand and balance sheet.

      So quit your whining. Start offering something good to say man (or woman).....they way you whine you are probably a woman. (No offense to other women on this board.)

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Gee another "take it my way or the highway" person. You would be very popular in prison, someone who just enjoys getting bent over like that.

        I do agree that my efforts to enlighten the ignorant are wasted here. The only people who need to discount THAT heavily are people that go to loan sharks. The shark just bought $4 for $3 so he is getting 33% interest on his money. Pretty sweet deal. I should have gotten in on that instead of being a retail buyer. Clearly that is for suckers.

        I expected too much from shareholders, namely common sense and rational thought. You are an ideal shareholder though, one that never questions anything and is never able to stand up for himself.

    • Get out if you don't like it, investors didnt pay 3 bucks to sell at 3.75...were going much higher, you sound like a 5 year old with all of your whining!

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      • Really? Your only answer is to run away from your problems? You never have fixed anything yourself have you? You have a leaky faucet and your answer is to sell the house & move? Your child has a cavity in their tooth and you want to kill them? Because fixing it is beyond your ability?

        You've never owned/started a business of your own I can tell. We FIX problems, we don't pretend they aren't there. We don't rationalize the problem, we correct it. That is the nature of being an owner. Management reports to US as shareholders and WE have a responsibility to fix problems like this.

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