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  • nowbehere111 nowbehere111 May 22, 2013 11:16 AM Flag


    This rise is under the radar, no articles, no news,not on biggest stock rising list. Being kept very quiet. All the while been accumulated by the funds. Financials look bad, CC just promises, nothing concrete. Why?? This has got to be insider info on some big news item, IMO. My guess is OVA1 will get ACOG guidelines. Anybody else?

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    • Now you do know of the new CEO and the investment capital group that purchased shares? Take a look at his résumé as a turn around type of guy. Couple those things with the recent news on ovarian cancer I can see this one one at 5 pretty quick.

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      • So you think this CEO is responsible for the 275% increase in pps. I havent read who took credit for the private placement, but that does have a somewhat effect on pps, but 275%. There is something of substance behind this move other then a new CEO. Sales will drive this company, not the 322 more OVA1 sales same quarter last year. I mean substantial numbers, what can do that? Thats why Oracle bought in.

        Mediaman, I really hope its not big traders taking us for a ride,Im still wary also. The way this is moving doesn't look like traders, but big investors. In time we should know soon than later.
        Good luck to all!

    • Well you know you might be right. I respect your comments on this board. But It could also just be a few big traders having some fun. I mean, 500 thousand shares of a $3 stock is only a million five in trades and there are plenty of people with multimillion dollar accounts who run these small caps up and down temporarily and wreak havoc on them for a fast buck. I'm still in, but I'm wary. I've been in this thing for over a year. But I hope you're right.

    • One of 3 things are going to happen this quarter. ACOG could be one. A big insurer picking up coverage could be another and some deal with a PAD partner or another distribution channel for OVA1. #4 would be a buy out as I always believed VRML had no leverage with DGX, so they gave back the $6 million loan (otherwise they would have been tied to them forever) and looked for financing. The financing made them a viable standalone entity. People #$%$ about the dilution, but that wasn't a big problem because there were so few shares outstanding. Now you have plenty of cash to move forward and those that thought they could pick up VRML later this year for some fire sale price are kicking themselves. You could have accumulation by an entity or two looking to ultimately buy the company out. JMO

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