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  • onlyonpaper onlyonpaper Apr 9, 2002 12:10 PM Flag

    ABT conference call

    1)D2E7 projected launch by 2003, peak sales projected at $1B for RA.
    2)Atrasentan projected launch by 2004.
    3)TAP: Uprima NDA re-submition in 4Q 2002. In EU, low side effects with reduced dose and no deaths reported (significant when compared to Viagra data).
    4)Meridia/Reductil: mortality rate in untreated obesity population at 0.4%, and 0.002% in treated population. Reduction of 99.5% for treated population.
    5)Pain drug ABT-594 will make way for second generation nicotinic receptor agent with reduced side effects.
    6)ABT-963 in phase II (advanced coxII inhibitor).
    7)Kaletra: Next generation PI, 10X potency of Kaletra, in clinics. Plan for once daily dosing.

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    • kewl. thanks for the info, wealth. i will have to keep from drinking it all before i get there!

    • student,

      Are you one of dem homebrewers? Ever make it up to Brewmaster's Pub (south)in Kenosha?

      First Thursday of every month (7pm) is the official informal meeting of the Kenosha Bidal Society. At least it used to be. Bring a six pack of your finest and stroll on in! You'll be welcomed, try to keep it a secret you're from Illinois, at least til they know ya.

    • kewl plute! I live on the waukegan-gurnee border near Washington and Green Bay and i often bike up the shoreline to North Point. There are beaches there that hardly anyone goes to and one that you can only get to by walking or biking. The lake is really low now, so maybe some of these beaches were not always there.

      In any case, its springtime in Waukegan and I look forward to wandering the shore, fishing and swimming and maybe partaking in a little homemade brew along the way.


    • Student-I did as a kid I knew that shoreline from Dunes Park to North Beach breakwater which we walked on top iron pilings to the mile concrete pier with light at end that we would dive from.South Beach was always a bit dirty and of course Johns-Manville really polluted their frontage.Think Abbott was only environmentally conscious company in those days.Now if you wanted to meet the rich kids you went to Lake Bluff beach.I still swim 1/2 mile laps every day.

    • i am surprised that you didn't go swimming at the waukegan beach on good ole lake mich! its a very popular spot!

    • I shoot in the low 80's, too, when it starts raining about 1/2-way through the back nine - lol! My son's only 4-1/2, though, so it's up to my friends to keep me humble on the rare occasions my golf game fails to do so. I'm playing my first round of the year tomorrow, so I'm pumped.

      Thanks for the welcome - - I'll be reading even if I don't post much.


    • Thanks for the welcome. I've never been there, but I'm pretty sure that swimming hole still exists. Just west of O'Plaine Rd.? It's called Gowe beach, I think, and the Gurnee Park District owns it.

      I doubt I'll be a frequent participant on the board, as I work for Abbott and am fairly sure they'd just as soon not have their employees saying anything that could be construed as representing them. I only broke my silence because I was providing our link to our own web site and information Abbott was making available to the general public. Nonetheless, I appreciate being made to feel welcome.

      Here's hoping ABT gets moving steadily in an upward direction soon!


    • Pay Beach? What is that, they have free beer and peanuts or sumthin'?

      WC8, the creek is rising, check out my profile pic. 60F and sunny, it just doesn't get any better than that.

    • Student-That's the one, but can't believe they fenced it and charged admission! I remember Gurnee as one drug store & post office on Grand Ave,no stoplights about 29 people in town rest on farms.We also use to go to Cedar Lake in Lake Villa but I always thought the water was too muddy.My favorite beaches now are Sandy in Hawaii for bodysurfing and Waikiki for bodywatching....oh what a time I had in the Islands...Aloha!

    • The pit that they turned in to a beach is the one that was there when Pluto used to go skinny dipping there.

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