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  • panicsfirst panicsfirst Apr 12, 2002 4:32 PM Flag

    Regarding another 30 days from FDA ..

    Does anyone understand this situation? What is the big deal, once a company knows it must meet certain standards, to meeting the standards, especially if everyone else is meeting the standards? I am really baffled. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    • Persh...

      I am going out on a limb here, but BMY has dropped almost 50% of its value in the last year. With a major drop to ~$30 within the last month. Peter Dolan, the CEO, in in deep doo-doo with shareholders, institutions, and the BOD for some major screwups;Investing $2B in IMCL and then not getting FDA approval on a major CA drug, Vanlev failing to get approval, Buying DuPont's Drug Business and not getting any flow through sales, Loading Inventory to make 01 numbers and now saying that 1st Q will be lower cause of the oversold position, and if thats not enough, having Taxol, Glucophage, BusPar, and soon to be Pravachol go off patent. Oh yes, there is also a patent challenge for Plavix, another blockbuster, starting to emerge.

      Reason why I rate it as a cautious buy, is that Dolan will either turn this puppy around or you'll see a hostile takeover. Analaysts are saying $50. Thaat's not a bad return.


    • Plute...

      Thanks for the headsup. I'll be careful with the Sword. Papeete is just like every other major city on an Island; crowded, traffic jams; and slums. I avoided this mess, except for flying into and out of Tahiti. Was part of a group cruise of 5 sailboats (45') that sailed from Raitea to Bora Bora, Tahaa, and Hunaine for 10 days. When you get the fish there is usually from some native who either threw a net or caught'm from a dugout canoe.

      Oh the memories....

      PS, the bad thing was no Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives, No Martini's. It was either Huanini(sic) Beer or Rum mon?

    • As for ABT at $44, maybe...

      But what large cap, any sector, would you buy now?

      I sure don't know.


    • Ortho- If you read Kitchen Confidential you would be cautious about swordfish.I know what you mean over 40 years ago took a canoe up into Superior-Quetico from Ely,MN. It was incredible strikes on 3 of 5 casts...we were stuffed with Walleye & Northern but I bet its not the same. I hear Papeete is a little disappointing these days but I have cruised the South Seas and always enjoyed fresh fish.

    • Plute....

      Guess your right, really don't know the General, but have to believe if he is waiting for $44. He might be waiting a long time!

      Your right about the Sword spoiling that why I recc. the Sushimi grade. then you know its fresh. Last summer in Tahiti on a sail cruise, had Mahi Mahi fixed with coconut milk then grilled over the bow, was indeed fanastic and long for it, but bought it the day before from the natives and knew it was fresh. Years ago when a Grad student in CO caught fresh rainbows and brown battered and fried Golden Brown....outstanding. Made even better with a few cold Coors hanging in the stream.

      Can relate to Maky as well, shore lunches with Walleye was a real treat in the Quetico Provincial park lakes near Antikokan. The local Indian guides really knew how to make a noon shore lunch. Problem now is that with all that lard they used, I'd probably have a quad by-pass by now if I eat it all the time.

      Check 6


    • Ortho- You are a smart guy but don't know Persh, as that magical mark for ABT is $44 so he can buy back.As for fish the only non-fresh fish I eat is King Oscar Norwegian Sardines.The best eating fish,excluding Hawaiian, is Alaska Halibut.You have to be careful about Swordfish it spoils rapidly.Never order Salmon as it is raised in pens like Talapia,Catfish etc unless it is Copper River Salmon from Alaska.

    • Persh.....

      Yes your taxes are due, but you probably get dispensation since you are such a well known General. Relax have a Beefeaters,Grill your
      Swordfish put some caper lemon butter over the top and forget about your taxes. Sit back and have dreams of your ABT shares moving to that magical $60 mark. Then you will be happy about coughing up the dough you owe to Uncle Sam.


    • Ortho,

      I'm giving it a try...I know this guy at the fish store (fishmonger, for the more sophisticated), in fact he may be Japanese.

      I understand my taxes are due today, is this true?


    • Persh...

      If you can get sushimi(sic)grade swordfish then you are getting the really good stuff.


    • Ortho,

      It may be we don't get swordfish inland, though I have seen it in a fish market here in Nashville.

      I'm going to try to get some good swordfish.


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