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  • onlyonpaper onlyonpaper Apr 18, 2002 5:35 PM Flag


    IMNX is contracting with Genentech for the manufacturing of Enbrel (RA agent). In spite of the production shortfall, IMNX projects Enbrel will bring in $1B in sales for 2002.

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    • Suggest you drop one "S" reads same back..front..mirror image and eliminates the "ass" conotation.Would not it be safer to name it when approval looks imminent just in case?

    • I agree with RD and Only. Let's go with Savass if it's OK with everyone else. The next step is, let's have a little informal bet as to when Savass gets FDA approval. I'll keep track. Let's pick an exact date of the month, to avoid having a bunch of people pick the same month. I'll go first. I'm being optimistic. Why, I don't know because Abbott doesn't seem to have things go smoothly with FDA. My selection is December 15, 02.


    • I like your suggestion. Savass it is!

    • antigen/antibody/rejection interplay extend beyond my knowledge. Yet it has plagued such every day therapeutics as insulin and anticoagulation. The theoretical problems of medications remaining onboard beyond the point of benefit, are a real question. Wish I knew the answer. The lawyers can only hope that no one finds the answer.

    • Only,
      A great entry! Might be a little too long for an actual drug name. They need to be short, sweet, and possibly to the point. Your submission is definitely to the point. To induce brevity, would you agree to a slight shortening to "SAVASS"? The board would of course, know the true and extended version.


    • Only-ADALIMUMAB???? Isn't that a terrorist on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List? I still like got to give a name old folks can pronounce.BTW- Next week ABT hits $56.

    • Only,

      Great post, I see you can be quite a character if you want to be. The side of you we don't know!!


    • Only,

      Leave it to you man. I think Savmlsass is a great idea. But I have a creative friend working on ideas as well, so I'm going to see what she comes up with for a submission. Incidentally, if this works out as planned, not only will it save Miles' ass. It will make him a hero as we move towards a stock split and it will give us the growth Abbott needs as the internal pipeline develops. But you know I love Miles. I still think without his aggressiveness, ABT would be in the 20's. You also recall that I am president of the Miles White Fan Club. Applications for the club have come down since the stock fell from 57 to 52, but they are starting to increase ever so gradually. I suspect there will be an increase if the consent decree ever gets lifted and if Abbo ever makes it to market. Join now before the rush.

      You are the one and "only."


    • This is a problem with the mouse anti-TNF active site that is part of the competitor products. D2E7 is identical to the human antibody and thus less likely to trigger immune response.

      By the way, the official generic name for D2E7 is "Adalimumab". My submission for the branded name would be "Savmlsass" which translates to "Save Miles' Ass".

    • I have not been keeping up with all the science
      cluttering up my board but I guess that's no worse than football.

      However let me raise an issue which may have been touched on.

      To simplify...will not the body's own antibody
      response render drugs like D7 ineffective over time? I believe this has been a problem with similar drugs. I'm asking, any comments?


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