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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Jul 3, 2002 5:53 PM Flag

    Newby-Schools Out!

    Newby- You guys just put Persh to sleep ZZZZZZZZ hear him snoring? This is the ABT Board not the School Board!Subjects involving ABT,FDA,Miles White,Abbott Products,Sex,Fish,Travel,Wine,Cooking & CUBS are authorized but let's leave schools out even kids need a rest!BTW- I see good news on 11 July for ABT!

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    • Wc,

      I knew you would step up.


    • What are you pontificating about...?


    • Ponty- Iv'e been to Bayreuth for the Wagner Festival,in fact, my Grandmother was a Wagner.As for food...Deutsche Essen Ist Schrecklich! BTW- Tell us about your world travels....I figured you were a steward or attendant by your demeanor.

    • After cruising the Bahama Banks (shallow water) I am back and see the board happy and lively as ever with The General and Pluto busy turning back criticism from the left. As it should be IMHO :-). Persh has even been working in my absence, good for him! If Ponty enjoys posting he can take the good with the one's perfect ,Ponty.

      The Webster will I am sure, get in on this; until then I will withold strong comment. This is more than I can say for The General!

      Tan and fit, eager and still love the ABT board

    • Persh- The Tailhook Incident started back on Yankee Station flying over North Vietnam. Unfortunately,after seeing many guys not returning,seeing guys ejecting [my roomie who peasants killed],and many others being POWs for 6 years you need to unwind somewhere with your fellow warriors.That place use to be Cubi Point, P.I. when carrier came off line for a week.Read Tom Wolfe's:"The Truest Sport:Jousting with Sam & Charlie" and you will read about my close buddys...they sure knew how to unwind.Now the Tailhook at Vegas turned into the tailend of "Cubi Unwinding" unfortunately it was in the USA tryng to forget a dirty war! Check Six

    • Ponty,

      You may have a place on this board. A fine riposte to those on your ass. I must say the taint of liberalism should not keep one off the board. Though it does present problems.

      As for my activities while travelling northern Europe, I will only say I was at the Malinsky
      watching the ballet in St. Pete.

      As for Tailhook, well, boys will be boys and some heroes were there. I am not talking about Plute but people I know personally. This presented an opportunity for those of your ilk
      to slander our military. If they want to raise hell and your crowd do a little dope and drink
      Chardonnay so be it. Your buddy Clinton did a little hooking himself which all felt was just fine. As one of my liberal (and younger friends) said, "I'd suck his dick any day".

      So, do we have an addition to the board, Ponty?

      Unilingual and drinking Beefeaters on the 4th,

      The General AKA Persh

      PS, The Webster will be on the board tomorrow.
      I look forward to his guidance.

    • At the risk of offending my buddies, there are days when the board appears to be for the amusement and entertainment of only 3 or 4 people. Never understood why you guys chose this forum when there's so many other options. 20 or 30 messages, none of which pertain to ABT or investing is probably not in the spirit of what was intended here. I think Ponty could use a bit more diplomacy and was insensitive in his disregard for the military, but I suspect he's not the only one who wishes there was some restraint on personal insignificant banter. You remember when I first came upon the board, I was trying to limit the sports talk. Got shouted down, so just surrendered quietly and took the bad with the good.

      Just another thought on the subject.


    • Persh, wonder what he's doing for the 4th?

    • Ponty came across as a prick, and indeed, a biased, profiling, liberal prick.

      Right again, The General

    • Ponty- You will find this board represents all types of people we just try to amuse ourselves while good old ABT returns to its previous high.I am personally sorry that I offended you but you do come across as a person with no military experience,little travel,no visible interests,and never risked his life for his country.I am proud to be a Tailhooker,I lost many squadron mates in Vietnam and never felt that conflict was right but we did it anyway.So until you experience combat please don't bad mouth Tailhookers,especially on the 4th of July! Check Six

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