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  • libabtinv85 libabtinv85 Jul 17, 2002 7:00 PM Flag

    Market & Ponty

    Nice day for ABT. Disappointing for the market in general. Opened up 200 and gave it all back at one time. But to not fall back in to negative territory has to be a positive. Maybe the sellers are beginning to lose motivation. I�m still wondering who is left to sell, but apparently there are people.

    Ponty. In answer to your question. Yes. I dislike everything about the Democratic Party. There was a time when you might be able to make the case that they stood for the small man. Although I think their goal from Roosevelt on was to create dependents and lifelong Democrat constituencies. They�ve done it well as about 38% of the country gets some government handout. The party has become corrupt in the pursuit of power. All their policies push towards a reliance on government. They call it compassion. I feel that making dependents of people is the least compassionate thing you can do. It actually borders on criminal. The Democrats want people reliant on their programs. They then go back to these dependents and say �You�d better vote for us or the Republicans will take away the free money that we�ve arranged for you.� All this is false, but it gets the freeloaders voting. They�ve created a mindset in the populace that certain people are entitled to other peoples� money. People can now vote themselves money out of someone else's account. Also, their opposition to school choice for poor and middle class people is corrupt because it is pandering to school teacher unions, who don�t care about education. It is actually more complicated than that. They know that an educated, self sufficient population does not need the Democratic party handing out the goodies. They must promote ignorance or they lose their power. Until the black electorate (which is 75% pro school choice) makes the Democratic party pay a political price for continuing to enslave their people through a corrupt, inept, disgraceful and inefficient inner city public school system, the Democrats will never change. I am not Republican either. I�m a Libertarian. I believe everybody should pay their own way. Those who can�t will be handled much more efficiently through private charities. Wouldn�t you give more money to charity if there was no income tax? I think you would.

    We may be caught up in semantics on monetary policy. Obviously the Treasury Secretary has influence on economic policy, but in a pure sense, I believe monetary policy is determined by the Federal Reserve (which the Libertarians would dissolve). O�Neill has major influence on funding the deficit etc. What length of bonds to issue, things like this. I think O�Neill has been savaged by the press as well. One of his problems is that he doesn�t come across that well on TV. I always thought that Bush should have selected Donald Marrin (sp?) from Paine Webber, who was a leading candidate for Treasury Secretary. He�s more articulate and forceful and comes across better on TV. O�Neill is a brilliant guy who doesn�t play the political or TV game well.

    I�m not advocating that the U.S. start a war in the middle east. But the region will never have peace until somebody does win a war and imposes their will on the other party. When in history have two countries who hate each other ever negotiated a lasting peace? The answer is never. These conflicts will not reach negotiated settlements either. The Palestinian murderers must be defeated. Not negotiated with.

    Ponty. I�m glad we can disagree with dignity. Of course it�s easy for me to be dignified since I�m right.


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    • Web & Sandy- Thanks to both.Sandy Web is upset as I prefer Boston to Hotlanta and I live between the two on-the-Potomac in Virginia.I liked the Colonial Inn in Concord great place to stay with the only Pub in town,I always ask for the room with the ghost and she never fails to show up!BTW-I'm much better looking than I sound sort of a John Wayne type only much younger.Check Six PS-ABT Turning GREEN!

    • There you go Plute, dogging Hotlanta again... At least you didn't drop one on Nashville, while the General is not available to defend it...

      Here is Sandy's post... wc8


      Not to worry...I am far from Illinois, living in Massachusetts. Don't mind a little sand in the sheets as long as I'm near the ocean!

      Glad I don't need money from ABT now. The big stuff is paid for and the other things that make me happy don't cost much.

      Thanks for your post and I want to add how handsome you sound, really... ;-)


    • Web- Have that "irritating sand" in my WebTV on Sandy's post can you please repost? If Sandy is a Bostonian I bet she came from Maine or New Hampshire where they have sandy beaches.But actually the Cape is not bad either, we have friends that live in Harwichport nice place if you can avoid summer traffic and much better seafood than Atlanta Web.BTW- ABT bottom is $32...will end day in Green!

    • Boston is shaped like a Tongue... We had a Lake Michigan/Penis discussion several days back...

      It is nice to meet people from such anatomical places...



    • Sandy...

      According to Pluto, one is up for nomination and has no prior industry experience. That can be both bad and good. On the postive side it puts him in the position to play devils advocate with his people and challenge their assumptions in both the process of approvals and well as the actual interpretation of the data for those approvals. The downside is that he could be the academic overseer and the agency becomes bogged down even further in intellectual discussions. Guess we'll find out soon.


    • Pluto,

      Not to worry...I am far from Illinois, living in Massachusetts. Don't mind a little sand in the sheets as long as I'm near the ocean!

      Glad I don't need money from ABT now. The big stuff is paid for and the other things that make me happy don't cost much.

      Thanks for your post,


    • Plute, Sandysheets is not irritating... That would be Sandybritches... ;-)


    • Ortho,

      Yes, that does help to clarify the current FDA situation. I was aware that fewer drugs had been approved this year but didn't know about Billy Tauzin's committee.

      IMHO, there's no doubt that appointing an FDA head, and soon, would give the companies and their stockholders some hope for improvement. At least there might be some reasons put forth to fill the information gaps.



    • Sandy-Welcome to the club,I'm sure General Pershing will officially greet you next week when he returns from the Bahamas.ITMT we all usually post state or city we live in and Lib would particularly like to know.....hope it's not Illinois.BTW-Your ID sounds irritating but not as bad as the market.Looks like ABT found a bottom at $32....hang on for ride up as it may take 2 years to reach $50s again but we will! Check Six

    • Sandy....

      For years company's were basically afraid of the FDA and the possibility of not getting approals if they pi$$ed off the agency by their aggressiveness. Now you are seeing some more aggressivenes on the the part of the compaany's, in part because so many are former staffers at the FDA and know the little nuanances and how to work the system to there advantage. However, it can also work to a disadvantage like it did with CR Bards cardiovascular group where not a only VP, Mktg and GM get jail time, but so did a former FDA staffer who was head of the divisions Regualtory Affairs Dept. DOJ wanted to make an example because of her background.

      The other point is that Billy Tauzin's Congressional Cmte is exploring some of these issues and we may see in the not so distant time frame some congressional action on this. If I remember correctly, last yr some 50-60 drugs weere approved at this point in the year, but on 20-30 this year. It also helps to have a FDA Comm, which has not been appointed yet and is really hurting the organization and overalll direction of the FDA.

      Hope this helps,


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