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  • lucy_abbott_r lucy_abbott_r Aug 1, 2002 11:46 AM Flag

    Democrats kill drug benefit legislation

    Looks like Bush will make it a second term now that the democrates failed to deliver the medicare drug benefits they promosed. The republicans may even win back a few seats. The down side is bad news for seniors who pay high prices drugs. It would be good business for a company like Abbott to formulate a plan to benifit seniors with low or no incomes, to help overcome the negetive image being projected of the pharma industry. I know that it is just a pipe dream. Maybe I am just too old school. I am sounding a bit like lib?

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    • Ortho,

      They do have lots of issues, but they still call the shots that affect everything that goes on and need to understand the consequences of their decisions. Also, the detached attitude has trickled down to lower management levels to the point that many managers don't really understand what is going on in their own groups.

    • Abbott does have a plan along with many of the other pharmaceutical companies, at least for those on medicare. Then again, almost every company has a patient assistence program(go to WWW.PHRMA.ORG) to help those who are poor and can't afford chronic meds. And for those short courses of therapy, well... that's what most physicians seem to use there samples for. Problem is that there is a group of people out there that don't want to tell people about things like that because they wouldn't have an issue to bitch about.


    • You seem to have an inordinate interest in my genitals.

    • I haven't followed it that closely, but I don't think the Dems 'killed' the legislation. I think they needed 60 votes and couldn't get enough of the GOP to come over to their side.

      Abbott and other pharma co.'s DID formulate a plan to benefit seniors. Read about it in this news release:


    • Great idea...just give away drugs to those who can't afford them, and soon nobody will be able to afford them. That's not old school...that's old liberal BS! But that fits in with the Abbott feel good crap!

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      • Miles,
        I took you off ignore to see what you would say. First, thank you for not attacking me personally or my spelling.
        Secondly, I never said give anything away.
        What the democrats and the republicans alike are trying to do is win votes with all this legislation anyway. They are the ones who don't really care very much about the American people very much. The "Abbott feel good" attitude is exactly right. You seem to know more about the company than some would give you credit. Are you related to family, (blacksheep) and now are looking outside in. If so it explains your anti-Abbott attitude. Yes I would agree with you that in the past, when run by Abbott family members they had a feel good policy. But the last 5 or so ceo's have taken the company down a different road than Wallace and other founders would have. This may contribute to a loss of good people that can build upon the past sucess of the company. Compansation is only one reason people work for a company. Feeling good about your workplace is also a benefit that has value that can't be easily measured.

        If you will agree to keep your personal attacks and foul language off the board, I will keep you off ignore.

      • So Myles, what's your point? You didn't say shet here. You are such a mental midget.
        Love you.

      • Myles, we have given our best of the best effort to "Dumb Down" for you, without success...

        It is frustrating, but I assure you, we will never give up... I hope this makes you feel better about yourself, Myles... ;-)


    • You sound more like Dorothy - than Lib to me, Luce...



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