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  • pershing83 pershing83 Aug 16, 2002 11:36 AM Flag

    The Curious Case of MTG

    I am the one who has always said he could come back if he made a sincere apology to the board.

    What could be fairer?

    Then he can tell how he lost his ass buying comeback tech stocks in fall, 2000, aaahaaa.

    The General

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    • Toxin, do you work for AT&T or Sprint...?


    • you can't abandon what you never had control of. in any case, this particular idiot doesn't mind being called an idiot -- i only resent being called an idiot by some idiot who does not realize that he is also one.

      enjoy the vacation--

    • I am sure you think you are right...


    • Toxin,

      That was one of your finer posts. I liked it very much. Regarding MNF, talk radio hosts and callers are really criticizing the Michaels/Madden team. What's your thought on this important issue, Toxin? Have a great vacation. We'll really miss you.


    • Student, my boy
      I don't cross-dress. I really don't like degenerates.
      You see, there is much more to me than the free opportunity for you idiots to have fun.
      -my dear wife and I are going for an extended vacation, so if you think that I saddenly abandoned you, resist such thoughts....
      I shall return at the appropriate moment.
      Now, at THIS moment, you are ascending in my IQ catalogue...
      p(l)uto, Newby Pubis and others are at the bottom of my IQ intelligence catalogue.
      sergeant p. is finished....
      Myles, well, once I take over the board, we shall appoint the Secretary of the Myles Affairs...
      I had Webby Boy in my mind for that important post but he had shown himself to be quite limited in inteligence, discernment and perceptive/cognitive skills....
      Lib is a possibility but he is obsessed with inconsequential crap.... diet, libertarianism, philosophy, art, politics, intellect, Beethoven,........well, who cares about such crap, right?????, only MNF (Monday Night Footbal) matters....
      (right, newby???)

    • i doubt if you are the most intellegent, but you are definetly the funniest! keep up the great work, its good to see someone that doesn't mind making a screaming fool of themselves in front of others.

      i bet you knock 'em dead at the cross-dressers club!

      have a hilarious day,


    • Webby boy,
      How the hell are you going to find out who I am by deducing it from my grammar, style, etc., IF YOU CAN'T EVEN READ A POST!!!!
      Aok was not directing any invectives at you; he was directing it at himself, although he most probably aimed them at me, the only intelligent contributor to this ill-fated board.
      You are definitely not a material for vice-Presidency of this board.
      ----he, he, he,.....
      You are all inferior in intellect, knowledge and every other criteria. In one criterion you have no equals: you are incredibly limited and stupid.....
      I am the only intelligent one here.
      Sad but true.
      Now, don't impose on me anymore.
      You're not worth my time if you are sooo unintelligent........

    • I like Pershing - Scams...

      How come he put a bug so far up your butt, and so effectively, that you cannot seem to shake it...? Very commendable on his part, it would seem...

      Regarding your opinion of me, well, you can blow from now to eternity and it will not even come close to bothering me... Myles can verify that for you...

      On the other hand, it is your time...

      Myles, your language is making me blush... You know deep down you love us, otherwise you would have left this Bud Board when you got fired... ;-)

      Who else is gonna tell you like it is Myles, Huh...?


    • I might need a clarification on this one, AoK...?


    • You egregious bastardo. Up yours.

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