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  • libabtinv85 libabtinv85 Oct 3, 2002 5:16 PM Flag



    You are wrong. When ABT announced lower guidance a few months ago, Miles White said that with the $300 million hit they were taking (Argentina currency devaluation, Meridia shortfall, ADD fiasco), that the $300 million could have been absorbed, but it would not have been in the best long term interest of the company, as too much would have had to be cut. If they could have absorbed the $300 million, you know on a one quarter basis, they can absorb shortfalls, most which have been anticipated. There is NO way that Miles will let Abbott miss the number for third quarter after guiding down. That would ruin credibility. Miles is pretty well liked by Wall Street because he has credibility. So any fantasy that you bears might have of ABT missing the third quarter number is just that �a fantasy. Put your dick back in your pants, sell your puts, cover your shorts and look for a better opportunity on the negative side. I repeat. Third quarter number will NOT be missed. Furthermore, Miles does not play games by beating the number. He gives guidance and makes the guidance. The Street knows this. When ABT makes the number, there will not be a sell off, as nobody expects, nor wants him to beat the number by massaging figures. Everybody knows the number will be made. Regarding your putting no credence in to this rally because the volume isn�t heavy. Whether it�s light volume or heavy volume, those puts go down the same amount when the stock goes up. You can console yourself if you want that it doesn�t count because of low volume. But the account balance is still down, light volume or not. The calls I sold went up today, increasing my loss. But I like that. I lose hundreds while making thousands. A fair trade in my simple mind.


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    • I share your thoughts, however, peace will elude us for a long long time!
      I believe that once we engage, we will be in there for far too long!
      The Empire will have far too many battles going on worldwide that we will sacrifice some homeland security!
      I hope that we don't suffer the same fate as previous empires!
      In the meantime, a little history of PE multiples during wartime--Low teens--any body else have any perspective

    • Keek- This is not a reverse Domino Theory......the others will get the message NOT TO FOOL WITH TEXAS!As for strategy we will start with psy war then precision targeting this will be no Somalia or Vietnam and then market will soar!

    • Lib

      The anti-war side doesn't have a point, and even if it does it will not be acnowledged because they are jerks. War is only one alternative, and if we resort to it, then we will have to resort to it with Iran, Syria, Egypt, Lybia, etc. as they acquire the bomb. It is obviously not realistic, and is why I want to avoid a war. Send the UN Pink Panthers in and at the first sign of deception by Saddam, level all his palaces for starters. He might get the message fer sherr ...



    • I have been reading all the posts of the people who attacked Albear during his time of posting warnings about buying pts on ABT and getting out of the stock as a long holding.
      Apparently after reading all his posts and reading everyone who told him he was an idiot he was right on the money and you longs were wrong.
      I usually only read posts and do not comment but I felt I had to in this instant because I believe is a great injustice to attack someone who has a different point of view with sarcastic and vulgar curses and 2.for people to be ignorant and continue to not see the light.
      But I am sure Albear is doing okay based on what I read he is up on puts over 50 percent on this short trade and i doubt this stock is going over 42 as some of the intelligent attackers have been touting the virtue of this overvalued and mismanged company. I believe what comes around goes back into your face-and you longs are getting the shi__t beat out of you but you all deserve it:}

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      • Trader,

        I think a lot of people disagreed with Albearx, but I didn't think those that were taking the opposite side of his argument were particularly vicious. Albearx was not the most tactful poster and when you don't use tact, you usually don't receive it in response. But I thought most of the board was enjoying his posts and finding them stimulating. Most of us wish he would come back. I don't think his depression message had many takers, but nobody was trying to run him off. Why are you so incensed?


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