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  • aok93643 aok93643 Dec 22, 2002 2:54 PM Flag


    where you talk to people about one thing


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    • I have watched this exchange and have followed the clues given by accurateinformation. By doing just as he said I have found the following patents for RT mutations at codon 215 and at codon 74 that, without a license, Celera and Abbott may be infringing upon:

      5,650.268 issued 7/22/97
      5,631,128 issued 5/20/97

      Both patents were issued to Stanford Univerity.

      At the time ABT licensed PCR from PE in 1994, PE had only a license to use PCR for research use only. They did not have a license for diagnostic use and therefore could not grant a sublicense to ABT for diagnostic use at that time.

      I think accurateinformation has stated all along that the potential Stanford patent infringement deals with the detection and reporting of the patented mutations. The patents just happen to use PCR to do so, but it is the mutations that are patented and neither ABT nor Celera have licenses to them.

      I have received many press releases from ABT over the years and accurateinformation is correct about them disclosing the use of PCR by ABT. It is old (1994) and in hardcopy. ABT's list of releases online does not go back that far.

      Considering the ease that I was able to find all of this information, I would have to agree with accurateinformation about your lack of research skills. I imagine you are, and will always be, no more than a bench tech.

    • By two full length, Kiki

    • Accura

      You are pushing back the cork way too far this time!

      Get a life, Kiki

    • I'd say Ponty wins the Dingleberry Award.....let's put it to a board vote!

    • You are correct when stating your research is not in the class of a Nobel laureate. In fact, judging by the fact that you cannot find simple press releases, your research abilities don't even pass muster for what is required of a highschool term paper.

      In 1994 Abbott had to cross license the Roche PCR technology for use in their LCX assays. This is because there is a 3 basepair gap between the annealed oligos that has to be filled in and polymerized. It is done using PCR. You don't even seem to know how ABT tests even work. And you have the gall to say you know any molecular biology whatsoever?

      I have provided only accurate information. The fact that you lack the research skills to follow the trail of breadcrumbs i have left you doesn't say much for your knowledge base. It just shows the board just how clueless you really are.

    • Ponty,

      Travelling to the games would be a good excuse I guess, but they have had a lot of injuries. Harder on the fans than the players making the trip. At least the players have a ride back, the fans, after drinking and getting ticked off, well, lots of speeding tickets being written I hear.

      You should all go to this website and take a look, He is the offensive coordinator, JMHO not doing a good job.


    • Ponty,

      accurate, or should I say ass-urate, is just trying to get you riled up. Better off ignoring that poster. Better left alone and put on ignore, or just don't respond to the posts.

      Best to you and yours during the holiday season,


    • Fester:

      Now that was your best post ever...
      I did enjoy it.


    • Start in 1994.

      By the way, I notice you keep trying to impress us with bio-organic chemistry by naming Nobel laureates instead of citing your own work. Can't stand on your own laurels?

    • miryams_penniless_mother miryams_penniless_mother Dec 25, 2002 5:18 AM Flag

      <Pontesowna, you certainly know what you are talking about. > LOL!

      They say a person is judged by the quality of their acquaintances. Unless Ponte is trying to impress us with a lack of knowledge in molecular biology AND IP law, he really picked a doozy with Third Wave.

      Here is a company that was in serious negotiations with Perkin-Elmer to be acquired. Third Wave was so certain that the deal would go through that they all went out and bought new Mercedes and BMWs. During their due diligence, PE found out that not only did Third World copy somebody else�s IP for their flagship product, Invader, but they were also infringing on a patent issued to IDBE. Needless to say, PE kicked Third World to the curb and slammed the door shut behind them. For the next six months if you wanted to buy a cheap late-model luxury import, Madison was the place to go. Since then Third World has lain off a third of their employees.

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