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  • wildhorse_10 wildhorse_10 Jan 2, 2003 11:45 AM Flag

    ABT will not move much higher.???

    The reason is simple the earnings from this approval of HUMIRA will not be assertive untill 2005. Atleast not enough to offset the negatives they foresee this year and next watch out. I am not being negative just being realistic. I believe ABT will be around $37.50 by Mid January or immediate after the earnings. Which are going to be of poor quality. If you are not in the stock wait till end of January for ABT to hit $35.....right now its just a HOLD from me.

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    • My, My you're bitter too!!! You are mighty touchy...considering I wasn't addressing my comments to you! I was addressing my comments to one who has very little good to say about you. If you don't own Abbott why are you so defensive??? Huh...boy!!!!

    • MTG,

      You will always bite, won't you?

      Time to GFY again, Japboy.

    • Speaking of the English language...what does "...hat a disgrace..." mean????
      Don't be so bitter because I am right about Abbott and you're not....after all I am one hell of a lot smarter than you.

    • I rarely mention how well I do or don't do!!! You are thinking of the self professed "millionaires" on this board. I do not care if you believe me or not. I know how well you Abbott stock holders did!!!!

    • Hey MTG, there you go again, telling everyone how well you did!!
      But you never are willing to share your cutting edge intelligence with the rest of us poor souls!!!!
      Unless of course you've changed! which I doubt!!
      What did you buy--Cisco at 20.00 and AOL at 21.00 and Micron at 23.00
      and nvda at 60
      I can't wait for your cutting edge list!!
      which I don't believe you have!

    • That is just too Abbott cheerleader telling me to be objective!!!! I had a good year those with most of their investments in Abbott did not!!!

    • I'm getting annoyed at all the people on this board who can't even use a simple calculator, yet your mamas gave you a toy computer, so you could post your nonsense!
      I expect Abbott will earn 2.42 or more per share in 2003-
      This is how one calculates this--
      Approximately 30% of sales come from Int'l markets!
      That gives us a boost of 10-12 cents per share just from foreign exchange-
      Abbott's profits will rise approximately 11% in 2003 so another 24 cents per share!
      So add it up!
      2002 2.07 per share
      exchan .11 per share
      profit imp 24 cents per share

      I've assumed that Humira revenues and profits will be neutral for 2003--
      If Bush gives us tax cuts on dividends at 50%
      that adds another 14 cents per share at 100% about 28 cents per share!
      I believe Abbott is being very conservative with their Humira sales forecast!
      I expect they will do $300 million in 2003-
      $750 million in 2004 and peak sales of at least 1.5 billion if they execute properly!
      and that's without other indications for the drug!
      So let's see I have an estimate of 2.56 to 2.70 with the Bush Tax cut on dividends!
      at 20X earnings--that puts Abbott at 52 to 54 for 2003!
      I expect the multiple should rise to 25 with the new Humira and the tax cuts!
      So we should be looking at 64 to 67.50 in 2003
      So Abbott very undervalued in my opinion!
      I believ we will be lloking at a split in the stock in 2004 when it gets to the mid-seventies!!!!

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