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  • sell_the_vowel_and_buy_a_clue sell_the_vowel_and_buy_a_clue Mar 27, 2003 10:28 AM Flag

    It gets even more ridiculous

    Yesterday there was a battle at a bridge in Najad. US press reports said that multiple coalition tanks and Bradleys were "disabled". They said that Iraqi tanks were "destroyed". Interesting bias on their chosen words. They went on to say that coalition forces killed "500 Iraqis" yet coalition forces suffered no casulties. Please tell me how multple coalition tanks and Bradleys can be "disabled' in combat with no casulties.

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    • Phys;

      Churchill was actually inluenced in his geopolitical drawings by a lady named Gertrude Bell, known as "The Uncrowned Queen of Iraq" Read an article on her and her influence in the Chicago Tribune about a week ago. Very fascinating lady. Trained King Fiasil(sic) in the social graces of a leader and influenced how he dealt with the numerous tribal leaders in the country.


    • I am an American and proud of my heritage. I am appalled and disgusted by our government's actions though. In two short decades they have destroyed our well-respected standing in the eyes of the world and in the last two years made us out to be the number one threat to world peace in the opinion of most of the world's citizens.

      And yes, there is a right to intervene in humanitarian catastrophies, but not militarily when you are the cause of the catastrophe (US not following up on promised support of those involved in the uprising) and certainly not militarily win violation of international law and the UN Charter.

    • Dubya's goons have repeated presented fabricated evidence that Iraq was involved with terrorism but in most cases was called on it. The first time was when they said that one or more of the 9/11 hijackers had contact with Iraqi intelligence in the Czech Republic. Turned out to be a bald-faced lie and the Czech government called them on it and Dubya mumbled some sort of mia culpa. It has happened repeatedly since then with even Colin Powell presented forged documents as evidence in front of the UN Security Council regarding nuclear materials procurement by Iraq and about what satellite pictures showed. He was called on it by UN inspectors. Over and over again Dubya's goons lie to us and the rest of the world.

      I imagine you used to think for yourself. Too bad you have turned that responsibility over to Fox News.

    • I believe is was Winston Churchill back 1921 who drew the lines on the map that outlined present day Iraq

    • Bud,

      Who's to say what Alice really thinks? It may be nothing more than distaste for the unpleasantness in Florida. The hatred for Republicans and GWB is fairly widespread and the more radical left, politicians out of a job, union leaders (not rank and file, for the most part), Methodist functionaries, academics, the list is endless, all have risen up. It would be of interest to know the background of these types.

      As the despised R. Limbaugh said when asked why there were no GOP activists... he pointed out, they were all at work.

      The General

    • Bud & Newby BRAVO ZULU Good posts! All I have to say is if anyone does not understand this is a war against terrorism and a regime that in a heartbeat would kill you and your loved ones because they are Americans then move to Paris,Berlin or Moscow!BTW-Bud I think your right Alice is not American-born.

    • What that has to do with my original premise as to why I believe the United States is justified in its current actions is beyond me nor have I ever mention that I felt America is guiltless in all of it�s actions past or present but hey I will play along�

      I would argue that that under international law, there is a right to intervene to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. And following this argument out I believe that the US, UK and France at the time (April 1991) interpreted UN Resolution 688, which clearly stated specific concerns about Iraqi populations in the north (Kurdish) and the south (Shi�a), in such a way as to try and protect certain elements of the Iraqi population by establishing the concept of the no fly zones.

      After all there is some history concerning how Sadam treats his own people� You did mention in a previous post that you felt freedom of speech was not just an American right but a right for all peoples. I will assume by that that you may also believe that all peoples should be able to live with some freedoms or just live for that matter, am I correct in this assumption?

      Let us look back at 1987 - 1988 when Sadam launched approximately 40 gas attacks killing thousands of Iraqi Kurdish people� In the town of Halabjah alone somewhere between 3,500 and 5,000 men, woman and children died horribly.

      Let us now jump forward to right after the Gulf War where Sadam again started his persecution of the Kurdish and Shi�a populations. In the south Sadam killed thousands of Shi�as. He has even gone so far as to drain the Al 'Amarah and Hawr al Hammar Marshes in the south that for thousands of years provided a lifeline to thousands.

      I could go on with these tales of horror, as they continue to this day, (please see but apparently you do no wish to see these as justifiable reasons for United States intervention.

      So considering you continually drift off point I tell you what, in your next post why don�t you bring in the British as the villains in all of this as it was they who in 1921 arbitrarily drew lines on a map that created the state of Iraq as it currently is.

      I mean no disrespect but may I ask if you are American? It just seems you are very bitter towards the United States and I would truly like to understand where you got this bitterness from.

    • Maybe you need to support your argument about iraqi govt. not involved, not supplying weapons etc. For one thing, how the hell would you know anything about the inner workings of what the iraqi govt. has done in the past or what they have planned for the future? Not a frigging chance you would know.

      It's about time for you to show what you are made of, what will it be? Why don't you take your other frigging alter ego's, therapy, vowel and get on the first plane that you can get on, and leave this country? Wait, you don't want to, do you? If you could, tell me where would you go? Where would you have it better than you have it here? No where and you damn well know it. Really, if it is that bad, take a hike and don't look back.

      Now, prove your statements, and don't go telling me, well, the iraqi govt. said so. If you want to believe them, then I really know what you are made of. And it sure isn't red, white and blue.

    • This has nothing to do with the war on terrorism. The Iraqi government has committed no terrorists acts. The Iraqi government has shown no predilection for supplying weapons to terrorist organizations. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

      Support your argument or go chase a rolling doughnut.

    • WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO SHUT IRAQI ALICE UP......smallpox epidemic in NYC,destruction of Golden Gate Bridge,dirty nuclear weapon detonated in Baltimore Harbor? This is a war against terrorism and one we must win to survive! Check Six

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