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  • miles_to_go_before_i_reap miles_to_go_before_i_reap Apr 6, 2003 1:23 PM Flag

    This board offers...

    some great investment advice!!! One recent "genius" suggests that the only two choices are the money market or Abbott which pays a crappy little dividend! When you use the money market as a standard...even Abbott looks good. Get off your ass and do some research instead of arguing with the little commie f%$#s and posting about sports! There are investments that pay a dividend 4 times what Abbott does...and I don't mean cigarettes or gold!!! Gold is not an investment it is speculation.

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    • Yes, an old idiot, the notorious MTG!

      Today he will reveal those favorite investments
      yielding 10% (4 x ABT).

      MTG should know if it yields 10% it is a speculation just like gold.

      It is all about timing.

      Give us some names, The General

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      • You have got to be kidding, you silly little dipshit!!! After your childish comments to me over the last 3 or so years, there is not a chance I would give you any help! I will explaint to you the difference between an investment and speculation. A public company, in which one would investment in stocks, bonds or other vehicles, has fundamentals such as SALES, PROFITS, PRODUCT DEMAND or others(do your own research). Gold is pure speculation. When one buys gold, one hopes he will find someone more stupid than he(no hope in your case)to buy the gold at an even higher price. There is no current increased demand for gold as a commodity for use in manufacturing, nor is there a lack of supply! The price of gold is pure speculation!!!

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