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  • webcre8tor webcre8tor May 30, 2003 2:00 PM Flag

    Pershing's Profile...

    General, I have temporarily changed my Profile Picture for you... Copy and paste at your convenience...

    Take it any way you can get it...


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    • Kiki:
      The book, "The Spanish Inquisiton" by Cecil Roth is an excellent book. Not only is there a lot of history but it also teaches about religion and gives one a better understanding of religious diversity. Since, all religions are alike in that they are based on faith the key word here is understanding. If the world had understanding we wouldn't have the conflict that we have between Christians and the Muslims. Thus, no war in Iraq. I know some may think I am naive. UNDERSTANDING

    • Fils

      The same day Christopher Columbus sailed to our shores, the Jews were expelled from Spain to Genoa, Italy, from the same port. While vacationing in Portofino, I visited the cemetery on the hill overlooking the Mediterranean and noticed my mother's spanish maiden name on a few graves. Portofino is only a few miles North of Genoa.

      Oh well, maybe some day I will look into this.

      Buonanotte! Kiki

    • Buds

      Is papa Politz still mending his wine store in SF?

      I'd like to know! Kiki

    • Ortho:
      One of my lines got tied in with the Royal Family of England and from there it was easy as it was part of history. Finally, went back 43 generation to Charlemagne in 727.
      When I was a kid growing up sometimes my aunt would say, "We are not Jew." I always thought how dumb could that be as everybody know we are Baptist. When questioned she would say, "Well there is a family rumor that we had a Jewish ancestor." Well, guess what? I found that my ggggrandfather landed in N.Y in 1787 from Bavaria Germany. He left because of religous persecution.Yep, you guessed it,he was a Jew. I didn't know anymore about being a Jew than a hog knows about an overcoat but for a while I told people I was a Jew. I thought it was funny but guess not.

    • Don't feel left out Pershing.. I added you to my friends list too.. Hope you accept it :)


    • Persh,

      Slowly won't cut it, you have to get over it quick.


    • Newby, me jealous? Slowly getting past that...


    • Persh,

      It was a while back, maybe 9-12 months that I im'ed with LS. Web would remember.

      You're right I have been busy, and I have not been able to post on a regular basis lately. Hey, wait a minute, you're jealous aren't you about me im'ing with LS?

      Going to storm it looks like.


    • Wait a damn minute, Newby...

      I'm happy you and LS were talking (on IM Messenger even; who can believe this?)!
      But I can't believe it. And you have been too busy to post with the Buds. Who else are you posting with?

      I did appreciate your post :-) Persh

    • LS-I thought I saw you one night at Sally Stanford's Valhalla, Sausalito is ok except for the weekends when tourists jam the streets.Stay tuned I'm sure you will appear soon in Chemy's steamy novel.Sounds like you led an ambitious life not like me in fact I'm a bit lazy but did get married years ago in Hawaii,3 really great kids oldest daughter beauty-with-brains lives in Pacific Heights and if I ever moved it would be Monterey or San Diego.Sunset District seems small but cozy but good year around.

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