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  • libabtinv85 libabtinv85 May 31, 2003 11:22 PM Flag



    I'm really tired of the teachers blaming the entire failure of the public education system on parents. I will acknowledge that there are some really lousy parents and the children of these parents do drag down classes. But the fact that the education system is a monopoly is the main problem. What monopoly has ever performed properly? None. The bureaucracies in these school districts are crushing. My neighbor is a teacher and he hates it as the bureaucrats control everything and they are doing a lousy job.

    One of the most criminal things that the corrupt Democrats do is keep poor people beholden to a failing public education system. They know if these people become educated and self sufficient, most of them won't vote Democratic anymore. So the Dems fight vouchers on two fronts. One, because they need the teachers' unions and two, they don't want a completely educated public. They get 75% of the votes of the uneducated people who want handouts, but probably only 30% of the votes of educated people. It's all about power. It's one of the ugliest, most repulsive things going on in our country right now. Minority parents want vouchers, but still vote for corrupt Dems. I guess they deserve what they get if they keep voting for corrupt politicians.

    I'm also sick of the "class size is everything" argument. Marva Collins in Chicago has large class sizes and her students KICK ASS. It's just another excuse that the public education system has set up to excuse the inexcuseable performance. It needs fixing. There's only one way. Competition.


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    • Kiki"
      There were no placebos. We all - 16 in my group got the real thing.

    • Fils

      Maybe you got the placebo.

      Hand on there! KIki

    • Phy,

      I would guess if testosterone made a big difference you wou;d still be taking it. No one wants to get old and gray.

      I spent 16 days in Europe last month and was wiped out when I returned. It took me a week to recover. That is what the book says about testosterone; does not make much difference. I may go to Switzerland and have lamb gonads implanted.I'm not worried about sex, just need more energy as in age 30 or 40.

      I will address the Lib/Lucy controversy in a separate post.


    • Persh:
      I started on that program 3 years ago and I can't remember how long I was on it the first time but it was like 24 hours once a week for 4 weeks. The next year I think it was for six weeks. I didn't notice any difference except my beard grew faster and some hair on my abdomen grew faster and some on my legs. I was suppose to go back last Aug. but I guess the program is on hold. I was never told why I wasn't called back until I read it in the paper today. My testosterone was normal but
      not by much. I got my Dr. O.K. before I signed up.

    • Phy,

      That's a good life.


    • Persh:
      Yes, 33 years in the classroom. I loved teaching biology and never got tired ot it. I still remember my all time favorite class of 22 students. There were 14 A's and 8 B's. My all time high number of students was 39. That is way too many. As I also mentioned I coached girls track for 15 years. 2 State Championships. What wonderful kids.

    • And, more importantly, Phy....

      How did the testosterone make you feel? It sounds like you had a normal level but did you stay on it long?

      You can harrass me anytime, Phy, so can Mls,;-)


    • Lib:
      As a public school teacher of 33 years you and you are a school teacher of 0 years I will say that you are flat wrong on some things. Unions do not want to keep the public uneducated. The main goal of unions is for the best education possible. And as in any large bureaucray there is waste. I bet the people who work in the trenches at Abbott can find waste. Yes, there is a lot of paper work and I bet it has increased since I retired in 1990. And, if it wasn't for the union I would have been out of teaching after one year as I just wouldn't have stayed.

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      • Phys,

        I think I said that Democrats want the public uneducated. I don't think the unions would mind if people are educated, but it's not their primary focus. It's a biproduct to them and one that they can live with our without, as long as the union thrives and prospers.

        Keep in mind, I am generalizing and my generalizations usually only apply about 75% of the time. I stand by that in this instance.

        Incidentally, thank you for your service as a dedicated teacher. The current bureaucracy has made teaching miserable. While I was washing my car today, my neighbor who's a teacher stopped by. Told me his school of 6th, 7th and 8th graders is losing 20 teachers this coming year. The school district is cutting zero jobs in the administrative offices. The system is not just broken, it's in a complete and total shambles.


      • Phy,

        US senator,Lamar Alexander, as a Rep. governor for 8 yrs, tried and finally passed a merit plan for teachers in Tenn. It was bitterly opposed, and I believe, regulated to death at the hands of the TEA (the teachers' union). After that charter schools were finally approved, again over the dead body of the TEA. As I said, I do not think one charter school has been "approved" by the reactionary bd of ed. which is a tool of the TEA. I know of not one significant reform developed by teacher unions. In Nashville if you last 2 yrs you are tenured. The average teacher here earns 40K/yr + juicy benefits. and works less than 9 mos. The average absentee rate of full time teachers runs 10 to 20% depending on the day looked at. The State of Tenn will not release the test scores of teachers. The list goes on.
        I think the good teachers are deliberately placed in influential school zones to impress the parents. Reform is urgently needed, but those who should be at the forefront, oppose any effort to change, ie unless it is trying to get some new taxes passed.

        Longwinded, but right, Persh

    • There is a monopoly, however the school districts are very decentralized, and are accountable to the parents!
      Is the system in Winnetka broken?
      Is the system in Lincolnshire broken?
      I do not think so!

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      • C'mon Spec. A system that allows as many of its children to be left behind as the current public education system is broken. Every broken system has within it some components that work. Public education is broken and is leaving minorities behind. Badly behind.


      • In my years working here--I hired people who went to school in Waukegan and North Chicago-and frankly--they are extremely bright and hard working and have done very well in their careers!
        No silver spoons in their mouths!
        I think we are laying a little too much blame on the teachers--the blame lies with the parents who may not have the appropriate standards or expectations! and don't know where their kids are!
        Let's stop blaming the system and look inwardly!
        and any--those rich kids in Glenbrook did all the hazing!
        At least in public system we know about it--the private system --we are learning about as we learn of "priesthood"--tthey hide their shit!

    • Lib

      Most people who are circumcised have their kids circumcised. Most people who went through the public school system have their kids go through it too. The kids are the victims, in both situations fer sherr.

      Bad habits endure! Kiki

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