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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Jun 18, 2003 4:19 PM Flag


    I recently heard from an unnamed Nashville Celeb that Persh's wife Lindy was one of the most beautiful,dignified,highly intelligent women in the South.Rumor has it that it was not first marriage for Persh time for confession. Web-All these years I thought you met your wife at The Varsity! We really need Lib's story on how to pick a loser and I bet he'll tell it tonite! Check Six PS Persh-No body ever accused me of lack of nerve!

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    • Plute,

      The Tickle Pink is no longer pink! See the link....

      But it looks good. I rmemember it well; we stayed there, maybe 20 yrs ago.


    • Aok- Rio Grill was great 20 years ago because it was run by Bahama Billy, an old Monterey veteran who started at the Sardine Factory. Last October I was headed for Rio Grill until I was told by a local Bahama Billy's is better. So as I usually do on a sunny day seek a nice outside table and showing me the table was a guy that my ESP said was Bahama was! Asked what is good today....Chilean Seabass [that's what they called it anyway] it was terrific ate there the next 3-days.Years ago and I mean 25 years ago the action was at Mission Ranch even met Clint Eastwood there, now he owns it. Carmel is two towns the tourist trade and the local.Take the locals advice next time Bahama Billy's.BTW-Didn't realize Highlands Inn is now a Park Hyatt may have to try Tickle Pink.

    • Pluto

      We opened the Rio Grill more than twenty years ago. That's my beach. The Palo Alto beached now a haven for hundreds of pelicans.For twenty years the family rented a big house on the beach on Beach Street...where we gathered with friends. Such wonderful memories of walks in the full moon in the tide... happy laughter... music. Tender thoughts of youthful summers. The beach does not change. It is young always.This time it was a house on the cliff above...great deck and view of all of Monterey Bay to Monterey. You can walk almost the whole way, and I have done so.

      No Bahama Billy this time but there will soon be a next. We will try Seascape Resort for a change. Nice place with villas...cypresses...awseome view.


    • Phys...

      What I heard was from a National Geographic Explorer program some years back. At the time, maybe those in the know did believe that the tailings of the bauxite mines were at fault, but have since found out otherwise. Do know that the reduction the the number and volume of coral reefs throughoout the world is eroding. Even the Great Barrier Reef is threaten, more by tourists than anything else.

      Will be curious to hear what your son finds out. BTW that was my dream many years ago was to enter the world of marine biology, actually wanted to be a marine pharmacologist, after listening to presentation by one. At the time it really sounded like a cool career.


    • Ortho:
      My son is a marine biologist and he has worked the last 12 years dealing with coral and other invertebrates from Elliot Key to Key West. He said that he had never heard of bauxite mines causing the death of the coral. He said, that J. Woodely and Peter Edmunds were the authorities on coral of Jamaica and he would check with them. The bleaching of the coral is caused by UV radiation and higher temp. which is thought to be brought about by global warming and an increase in ozone. The death of coral in the Keys is brought about anthropogenic activities and pollution from runoff. The sea urchin deaths have been caused by disease and algae is now taking over the reefs.

    • PS ts, Abt's doing fine...down less % than the other large pharms and still above support levels. Have a nice day.

    • Female interpretation of ts's yelling: All the pleasant talk about long term relationships hit a nerve and it was a bad day at work, probs with kids, or dip in hormones, maybe blue light special with all at once.

      It was a quiet day, ts, and there are plenty of stock posts other days. Just good natured chatting. Lighten up and breathe deeply.,'ll be happier and live longer. When you pass the half century mark, the stressful stuff doesn't seem so important anymore. And the kids and hormones straighten out. There's still time for you to mellow. Peace! Celerii

    • Kiki...

      You probably right, but it was this the way to begin a relationship with the board trash talking like that? All believe that sometimes we do get caried away OT.


    • Ortho

      You are being rather harsh on a new Bud wanting to join the fray. Not much to be said about ABT until Fed lowers rate at its next meeting I agree. A little patience goes a long way ... is it MTG after his sex operation? I understand circumcision is not enough to make the "cut" to ABT's promotion ladder fer sherr!

      Wait and see! Kiki

    • TS...

      Who asked for your opinion? Have not see you post any sage advice in the past on ABT, so go play in another sandbox. The ilks of your filthy trash talking mouth are unwelcome on this board. If you base your investment decisions on whether to buy or sell ABT on this MB,have a bridge I would like to sell you!


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