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  • cr234lp cr234lp Sep 23, 2003 12:48 PM Flag


    I have had my fill of your racist veiwpoints. "Whitey" is your exuse for every failure a person of color has. You boast about the successes of many black americans yet in the same breath complain that a black person has no chance. Which is it? The truth is that no one is going to make it if they don't get an education and quit looking for a reason not to get ahead. This is America for Christ sake, if you can't succeed in this country you have to be a real screw up.

    As a note, you keep touting the successes of some blacks, how about compiling some figures on all of the section 8'ers who are sucking system for every nickle they can get. Or maybe the contributions your hip hop juvenile delenquents are making to F**K up the school system. Quit turning your women into unmarried baby factories.

    Clean up your own house and you will find that fewer people will look down on your kind.

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    • I agree on the ethics education, but that runs smack dab into the prevailing, Liberal, state-sponsored ethos...moral relativism. If we were able to make judgements in public, things wouldn't be the way they are. Black illigitimacy in 1950 was only 15%. Families had to stick together, and the church provided community cohesion. I used to be really passionate about this stuff until I found that most people really don't give a damn.


    • That is uncalled for---this is America for the non-minorities--the issue is the costs associated with getting a college or university degree cause many people not to be able to attend-
      and as for some of your statements--I could do without!

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      • I don't recall discussion of the failure to get into a college being part of Meta's complaint. As far as college goes, I don't have a degree, no college fund and grades not up to par. Didn't stand in the way in trying to be as successful as I can be.

        Since spending 15+ years living in Waukegan and North Chicago I have heard all the complaints and crap I can stand about why people claim they can't pull themselves up. Not related to color, seen more white and hispanic than black. Meta just lit the fuse. Racism is normally veiwed as white against black. People use it as a weapon to further an agenda and I am sick of it.

        Wether believed or not, I try to judge people on what they do, not their color or politics.


      • mlspec...

        I have intentionally stirred up this board. Those of us who don't already get it, need to understand that we all have contributions to make. I'm not really against Abbott or any company or person who is fair and honorable in their dealings.

        Like I said at the beginning, I want people to stop the racist bashing of persons because of their RACE. RACE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING AN ASSHOLE OR AN INCOMPETENT. Content of character is what its about.

        Look inside of yourselves. Admit if you have racial bias. Take an honest look if whether that bias is truly based upon fact, or whether it is based upon outmoded stereotypes and ignorant thought.

        Yes, I made folks mad. We see what people REALLY think when they are angry. No such thing, really, as a Freudian slip. We all think what we think. The challenge is to UNDERSTAND WHY we think the way we think, and if necessary, have the strength and COURAGE to face it and change it if it is wrong.


    • meta is RACIST!

    • 1. Whites make up over 60% of welfare recipients

      2. I never claimed that Blacks don't have a chance. (Try READING the posts before you respond)

      3. Blacks developed most of the music forms in this country.

      3a. Whites buy 80% of the "hip hop" music sold

      4. Whites have just as many babies out of wedlock and have just as many single mother households as Blacks.

      Why don;t you try doing some basic research instead of giving your knee-jerk reactions based upon the fact that you have white bias?

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      • meta

        1996 data as follows:

        White total family groups-30,714
        White two parent family groups-22,237
        White one parent family groups-8,077
        White mother only family groups-6,328
        White father only family groups-1,749

        Black total family groups-5,604
        Black two parent family groups-2,111
        Black one parent family groups-3,493
        Black mother only family groups-3,211
        Black father only family groups-282

        Big % differience

      • "whites make up 60% of welfare recipients"

        whites also make up 80% of the population, so its the other 20% of the population that accounts for 40% of the welfare recipients

        whites make up 8 of 10 in the total population, but only 6 of 10 people on welfare. blacks make up 1 of 10 in total population, but conservatively 2 of 10 people on man you are 50% over your quota


      • I didn't mention whites, hispanics, asians, or extra terrestrials because none of them are posting complaining about how unfair life is. My point is this, if you want the world colorblind, quit using your color as your excuse.

        As far as your statistics, neither confirm nor deny. There is a lot of dead wieght out there that this country would be better off without, and they come in all colors.

        Do your part, hold everyone to a higher standard. Don't allow anyone to make excuses for being a failure and quit blaming racism for everything.

      • Meta, you've been placed on ignore. You have nothing useful or constructive to state.

    • RIGHT ON cr234lp! This jerk Meta wants Miles White to change his name to Miles Black. Besides this lazy bastard is posting on Abbott time.Abbott Security is making it's case I give him another week than he will sue for being fired because he was racial profiled!

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