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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Oct 30, 2003 8:07 PM Flag


    Persh- Last saturday Chris Cox told me about Lamar.I told Chris I have a retired MD friend in Nashville who is big contributor to Lamar and I'll ask him to call Lamar find out what his hang-up is.This saturday I'll see Chris again and ask if Lamar said General Pershing called but it may be too late as tax starts 1 Nov and that's the end of Lib's posts if it cost him $0.02 to get his two cents posted.Us Non-Tennesseeans won't even be read but that's the end of his presidential aspirations....what a jerk...I want Fred back!

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    • aok:
      Maybe, in a few years I will have to start taking copious amounts of drugs and they will be cheap. Anyway, 5 years ago ABT had a PE of 39 and if it ears 2.50 next year the PE will be about 16. Maybe, we can think of it as a utility stock. Things probably won't pan out either way so be optmistic.

    • Entitlement syndrome is here forever.

      I wish you well as always.


    • aok:
      All Boomers are not Dems. In fact I would guess most of them are republicans. And, yes they are going to demand that drugs be cheaper and since there are going to be an increasing number of them guess what is going to happen? So, it dosen't really matter whether the president is Republican or Democrat.

    • Phy

      Dems are the primary problem. I confess that I tried to get Lipitor by way of Canada...50% cheaper, but guilt prevented it at the end. You can get it on the telephone. The Dems never have enough either. Whatever they get, they want more, and it will be so in the pharmas as long as I live. Boomers will be worse than your generation for sure, wanting more from the government forever.
      Something has to give. I'm just glad I sold 10k shares ABT that I bought with Merck money two years ago. I'm going to sell more, too.


    • The aging of the Baby Boomers is also the reason that the longer term direction of the stock market is down. They were building wealth through the stock market during the 1980's and 1990's, and have started consuming that wealth in the 2000's. This means liquidation of stock and bond portfolios.

    • AOK --you cannot stop the exportation of drugs to Canada--
      A socialist /leftist gov't would take over
      reinstitute compulsory licensing!
      The New democratic Party would get new life-
      and Nafta would go the way of the Dinosaur!
      With increasing importance of India and China--the US is eroding as the economic engine that Canada's resource based industries could sell to!
      That's just the reality

    • aok:
      Who is running the big show now? It is a republican pres., house, and senate. And, it is still the dems. fault. It really doesn't matter whether it dems or rep. What is going to happen is going to happen. I understand that the big pharms. couldn't send enough drugs to Canada and then back to the U.S. even if they wanted to. Don't know why. Then, we start getting drugs made from who knows where. I am going to buy mine if I ever need any here in the U.S. I know the answer to the insulin question. Banning and Best but look at all the poor dogs that were killed in the process. Please, don't take that seriously.

    • IMO the aging of the Baby Boomer population is the main reason that drug company profits are coming under pressure now. As this bolus of the population has moved through the various stages of its maturity, it has dramatically changed the morals and economics of the elements of society it has impacted. For example: morals in the 1960's when this population was in its youth, home prices in the 1970's when it was settling down, stock market in 1980's and 1990's when it had greater earnings to invest, home prices again in the 1990's and 2000's as it bought 2nd homes. Now, it faces old age and greater need for prescription drugs. As it has throughout its history, it will change the rules rather than conform. That means as Baby Boomers see their need for drugs growing they are simply not going to go along with paying as did their predecessors, and their numbers as voters mean that politicians had better please them or be voted out of office.

    • Problem with Dems is that they have wonderful imaginations, particularly when it comes to taxes and screwing greedy investors.


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