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  • libabtinv85 libabtinv85 Nov 9, 2003 3:30 PM Flag

    Tough Period For ABT

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    We holders of ABT have really been suffering lately. Market goes up, ABT stays flat or goes down. Don't really see this changing. Doubt if Putnam selling is causing this. It's just that investors feel there are other opportunities elsewhere.

    The Specster is demonstrating a little bitterness. What's that all about? He left the board but who made him bitter? I think he's prone to meltdowns like the late MTG.

    Had very good economic news all of last week and the market didn't do anything. It was priced in. The big question is does increasingly positive news make the market go up, or is it priced in already as well. If there's bad news, does the market go down? Probably does.

    To repeat, I disagree with the posters who think ABT goes up if the ADD inspection is successful. That's in the stock. If it doesn't pass, look out.

    Wesley Clark is a self serving buffoon and his Iraq strategy is not new or unique. He's an empty suit. Incidentally, did you guys know that the Administration was going to invade 7 Mid east countries and change regimes? How do I know this? Wesley Clark said it. How does he know? "There were rumors all around town." Spare me the buffoonery.

    Have a good week.


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    • Grazie Aok- It is also moderately priced no tourist-trap ripoff. I had some great dinners there with my family and Ortho can catch the Cable Car in front for the BV. Ciao PS-Keep it a secret only tell old friends.

    • Pluto

      Every Democrat running for President must of necessity be PC, and that means all of the things I loathe firsthand in California. The Dem votes are urban so the party must speak urban PC blather NYT. Dean's comments about Southerners with Confederate flags on bumpers show the depth to which The Liberals have taken cliche of the South. I like Zell Miller. I trust his accent. Not the smooth talk of your man from Little Rock who became a Democrat because he was "moved by President Clinton." Makes me retch. Dems are hopelessly subjective about regionalities and race. SUPERIOR at best. Is there any wonder they are shut out there now? Just lost two governorships, too. I hope and pray that the Dems are completely REBUKED by the South once and for good.

      I'd never move to Butte. Last time I was there they were giving away memberships to Butte Country Club that once had been the playground of some of the most powerful men of the West.

      I've considered Cody, Wyoming in passing, home of Alan Simpson. One could call Sen. Simpson at his home. Irma Hotel, Buffalo Bill's place. Get a ranch for damned near nothing until ten years ago. Jackson Hole, of course. Treausure of my heart.

      BTW did you know that Dean wants to not only rescind all of Bush's taxes but make the inheritance tax a state matter? In that event hello Wyoming.


    • Aok- Don't read me wrong,I am a conservative at heart and did vote for Bush.California has many pluses but as you know has always been considered the "Land of Fruits and Nuts" like Brown.For that reason & your high taxes I am retired in the Old Dominion because that's where we raised 3 fine kids and I can view politics close.I like Sen John Warner R-VA just went to a small party for him & his new bride only 15 years younger not like Ole Fred from Nashville who likes them 40 years younger.Warner found life after Liz.Ever think about moving to Butte?

    • AoK,

      If, as Ortho said, he quit eating fish, and followed my advice (in all things) he would be fine. Voting Democrat may really make Plute sick.

      Plute, take allopurinol(?) to prevent. Indocin works like a charm for the attacks, I've had two/three spells, in spite of the simple life I lead.

      If all else fails, consult the Specster.

      Cooking some El Paso chili, Persh

    • Pluto

      I'm living in the here and NOW, and I do not like to have my pocket picked as it has been by socialized-Democrat government for the last six years. Governor Brown, "Governor Moonbeam" suggested that he had ushered in the era of lowered expectations. To hell with that shiit. Liberal drivel now gone mainstream.

      Now, I'm happy that you are pleasd in reflection, and I want to thank you for so generously serving our country. There is no greater service.

      You'll have to watch your diet and wine intake. It sounds like you do have gout. My uncle, the Marine, had it. It can jump from one joint to another. They say that it is VERY painful, and that might explain why you have suffered so. No wonder you don't want to travel. (I've inferred that.) Even SF would be a drag with gout.


    • Aok-Times change look at Lambs Grill Cafe in SLC oldest continuous restaurant in the West since 1919. I ate there about 15 years ago and thought i moved back in time to the 1940s.Check out it's web site now LIVE ENTERTAINMENT!

    • One of the assertions of the Democrats is that the drug companies are squeezing the people with ever-increasing price increases. In fact, pharmaceuticals do contribute much to the rising costs of Medicare, but it is not that simple.

      From the Cato Institute Study "Demonizing Drugmakers : the Political Assault on the Pharmaceutical Industry."

      "Despite conventional political assumptions, presciption drugs are not the driving force behind rising health care costs. In fact, hospital care costs were the most important component of rising health care expenses in 2001, accounting for 51 percent of the increase.

      Nor are costs rising so fast because drugmakers are hiking prices. It only seems so because, as the adage goes, if you nurture statistics long enough, they will confess to anything. According to the NICHM Research and Educational Foundation, just 37 percent of the rise in retail prescription drug spending in 2001 was attributable to price hikes. More of the drug spending increase by other factors: 39 percent represented an increase in the use of drugs, and the remaining 24 percent a shift to the use of newer, more effective, and thus more expensive pharmaceuticals. As the foundation observed in its May 2001 report on annual drug expenditures,"Simply put, Americans are demanding, and physicians are prescribing, a higher volume of medicines every year."

      It is strange to know that our pockets are being picked and that there isn't much that we can do about it.

      Our family has owned Abbott Laboratories for fifty-five years. It hurts that we would asked to accept a return on investment equivalent to a utility. What a disgrace !


    • This political season may well be the worst yet, as Republicans yield to the swing in sentiment created by the successful DEMONIZATION of the pharmacy industry by the Democrats.

      "Even the aftermath of last fall's elections, which restored Republican Party control of both house of Congress and a marginally more favorable Capitol Hill climate for the pharmaceutical industry, the crusade against drug companies continues. The heat is still on brand-name drug makers to yield more of their profits and the patent rights that protect them so that generic imitators can flood the market with low-cost versions of today's drugs and officeholders can dispense them more widely to public health program beneficiaries. Whether the issues ahead are indirect price controls, coerced "discounts," dilution of patent rights, re-importation of U.S.-manufactured drugs from lower-priced foreign markets, or old-fashioned political scapegoating, the common focus is to force down prices. Under one guise or another, government would confiscate rvenue from firms, in effect seizing their property.

      The steady political barrage aimed at "demonizing drugmakers" is having dangerous effects. the most recent annual survey by the polling firm Harris Interactive that the public image of pharmaceutical firms has plummeted over the last five years. In 1997, 79 percent of respondents thought that drug comapanies did a good job of serving their consumers; in 2002, only 59 percent did. Although brand-name drug manufacturers have not yet sunk to the political pariah station of tobacco companies, oil companies, and HMO's, it increasingly seems that the more good drignmakers do, the more hated they become."

      Anyone who has watched the big three networks over the last several years has seen a demonization campaign against the drugmakers from the country's largest television networks. Has anyone kept track of Peter Jenning' hit pieces on the drug makers ? Rather ? Brokaw ? All of this is a concerted effort to bring the evil drug makers to their knees so that we might more resemble our more enlightened, generous European allies, and while Fox news has 1mm loyal watchers, the Big Three have over 30mm regular viewers.

      The campaign to demonize the drugmakers has been successful, but after all, they have had some of the finest Democrat spin doctors to show them the way.


    • Note on the following chart when ABT stock price dropped off a cliff in 1993. That is referred to by historian as "The Hillary Plunge" an event, in which, Leftist-radicals, with the help of health-care revolutionary, Ira Magaziner, planned the socialization of the entire health-care industry from an eagle's lair in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

      History to remember.


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