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  • libabtinv85 libabtinv85 Nov 25, 2003 7:28 PM Flag

    Who Pays?


    I have not scrutinized the Medicare Bill and don't intend to. But I find it hard to believe that the discount card obligates the companies to extend the discount. I think the government pays it. Can someone tell me for sure that I'm wrong?

    Ortho. I agree that seniors will be angry when they find out there aren't as many freebies in this bill as they wanted, but they won't give a shit about saddling future generations with the tab. They will be back for more and if any of us argue, we will be called greedy and selfish. Keep in mind that my generalizations don't apply to everybody, but they do apply to a lot of people.

    Only was right about the Republican Congress. It's been a disgrace on the spending front, as has Bush. None of this spending can ever be rolled back and this is the new baseline and you can never have a budget that is smaller than the previous year's. We could have grown our way out of the other deficits with some spending restraint. But not when the porkers add more entitlements and every project that anybody wants done in their district.

    ABT recovered nicely today. It was looking glum this morning. Most of the stocks on my watch list were down, but all my funds were up, except the junk bonds. No change on junkers.

    Socialism rules, and yes Spec, you were sounding like a lefty. I agree with Madman. I don't see too much hunger in this country. Remember, almost all the major problems we have are the result of government intervention and unintended consequences. That's especially true in health care markets. AoK, you are right. The Libertarianism is wishful thinking. It does not buy any votes.


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    • Lib,
      Libertarian sentiments form a basis for my disagreement with our war with Iraq. Another is having lived through the Viet Nam era, and seeing the similar mistakes being made once again, resulting in needless loss of life and treasure.
      Libertarians believe in being prepared for war, but they do not believe in war unless the US is directly threatened. Using that as prerequisite for war, the only 20th and 21st century US wars that IMO were justified were war against Japan in WWII and against Al Quaeda and their allies, the Taliban, in Afghanistan.
      Further, Libertarians shun defense treaties with other countries that could cause US involvement in a war where there was no direct threat to US. This also includes providing military or any other foreign aid to countries that the US wants to sway toward its sphere of influence.
      As for Medicare Bill, I didn't like the Great Society programs, and this is just an extension of them. If I had been in Congress I doubt I would have voted for it, but I'm not. However, I am a pharma stockholder, and I'm going to willingly accept the windfall I expect for the group in higher stock prices.
      Good Luck, Snug

    • Lib,

      The Medicare law will cost us all money. The poor will get their meds paid for. Where is the main stream media to explain this. The AARP is making out like a bandit... income last year $600,000,000; am I right? There's a business we could all invest in. The AARP is right up there with Jesse Jackson and the Israeli lobby. And don't forget the farmers.


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