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  • webcre8tor webcre8tor Feb 12, 2004 4:09 PM Flag

    A Fly in the Buddermilk...

    AoK... I found a fly in the NFI buddermilk... Its a ways off, but I am gonna give you an opinion when I think it matters...

    It don't matter now...


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    • Plute


      This is what JFK meant, starting with himself fer sherr.

      Sad situation! Kiki

    • Web-You are so right heard two 30 yr talking in locker room today about worrying what to do, wife,kids,mortgage and waiting for MCI to fire them.Told me their boss got it yesterday 22 yrs 5 kids just small severence pay.I thought they were Reserves sweating a call-up.One guy said I'm VMI grad and I'm 32 would like to go back in Marines...but only looking for few good men.Expect many will move back with parents.My house is big enough for my whole gang & grandkids to move back but they seem to be well set with great jobs.Watch Kerry campaign on JOBS FOR AMERICANS FIRST!

    • What do people do when they get laid off and need money...?

      They refinance and pull cash out... They don't relieve the debt, they delay it...

      What happens when they still cannot get a job and they still cannot pay their bills...?

      99% declare bankruptcy because our belly up laws are so liberal...

      What happens when someone declares bankruptcy...?

      This is a slow moving snail, but it is leaving a very guey trail...

      I am looking at some serious data and projetions... I am not worried about it this year, but next year after the election may be a good time to dig in and make some valid decisions...


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