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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Feb 28, 2004 7:20 AM Flag

    Solution To Low Drug Prices

    Federal Govt take-over of all pharmas,replaced CEO & Staff with Civil Servants.Any new R&D must be approved by Congress.Advantages: Lower life expectancy cuts Medicare & SS Retirement costs eventually balanced budget.Anybody unhappy send them to a gulag!

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    • If nothing has changed in IRAQ,gas is $3 a gal,no new jobs, all going overseas,SS benefits cut to pay for IRAQ,and retirement age is raised to 93 i think KERRY will have a good shot at it....

    • That is one Katmandu concession from you. See, there is always room for progress.


    • Aok

      They found the Beagle, the ship on which Darwin wrote about the theory of evolution of the especes fer sherr. If you are an evolutionist, then gays would no longer exist for lack of reproduction capability. Gays are seducers and pedophiles and marriage/union among themselves shall not be tolerated. On the other hand I can see some limited form of contractual agreement.

      The rate of divorce is twice as high when the wife earns more than the husband. Affirmative inclusion of women is hurting marriage. Go figure that one out!

      Buonanotte! Kiki

    • General

      When he learned of his Jewish ancestry, JFK seriously considered converting to Judaism. The rabbi told him that to do that he would have to undergo a complete circumcision. JFK decided it wasn't something he wanted to do after Vietnam and turned Judaism down. I can not blame him for that, only a doofus ...!

      Buonanotte! Kiki

    • My mom and aunt had a mutual friend in Salt Lake who was a genious...PHD physics M.I.T., and he was gay and did not want to be so he married a prominent S.L. gal. When they could not consumate the relationship, he came undone and started down a slope of despair that led to S.F. as a dishwasher. He eventually spent two decades on the fringes of skid row. The physics genious on skid row. He eventually rehabilitated himself to the extent that he could work at real jobs though never one matching his intelect. He found his way home where old friends embraced him. His best friend was my Aunt Jane. Their conversations remain priceless to her. She is 85 and a Republican. When he died, he left her everything. His love was railroads. He collected old railway tickets and such. My aunt and her husband the Marine threw his ashes on a rail bed in a beautiful stretch of desert. He was a good man.


    • Didn't know gays ever went underground in SFO must be Fresno.Gloria Steinem took a flight on an all-woman airline and on landing asked:"Can I go to the cockpit to congratulate the woman pilot?" The attendant said: "Oh, we don't call it that!"

    • It may be liberal of you, but it's also reasoned, thinking, and caring of your fellow Human beings. While some pronouncements against these folks having the equal rights that we all take for granted are based on deep religious beliefs, I suspect that many more are borne of that tendancy that we all have to fear and discriminate against those who are different.

    • In college days I decided that I should lose my bias gainst gays so I befriended a very talented woman who was butch gay. She had been a madame in San Francisco, had spent time in prison and was tougher that GD nails. She rode a Harley and was a kleptomaniac. She couldn't keep her hands off stuff on the counter. She showed me the gay underground, gay dance clubs, bars and the likes. What a trip.I could not believe the magnitude and the number. A whole dance nightclub full. Her best friend was very prominent writer who was/is a leading national feminist who was also gay. She was the first person of whom I was aware having chosen the brightest man she could think of to artificially inseminate her for a child. Damned if she didn't have the smartest kid in the entire state, too. Freaky kid who went to college at like age of ten. I do not think of those as the good old days, but I do believe that people do not choose to be gay, and while I do not endorse gay marriage, I do believe that they should be able to have open legal rights which give them health benefits and inheritance rights if they choose to make commitments. I do know that there are good and bad gays just like all people. Now isn't that liberal of me ?


    • If your reviewing new ideas have a look at ARQL not for their chemistry business but for ARQ501 acquired from Cyclis Pharmaceuticals a privately held Norwood MA company. ARQL acquired Cyclis in Aug 03 for thirty million.All the work was done at Mass General, Dana Farber and Beth Israel Hosp. ARQL has seventy five million in cash (enough for three years). Currently at the mid point of phase one, due to conclude this fall. Respect your opinion.

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