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  • libabtinv85 libabtinv85 Mar 2, 2004 8:04 PM Flag


    I noticed we have a Maxine Waters fan on the board (Webster). I would certainly be proud of that. Think long and hard about it, Webster. Long and hard. Webster is obviously one of those people that is absolutely irate over the fact that 25 million people aren�t being tortured by the dictator anymore. I'm sure he cares sooooooooo much. That�s what liberals do. They long as it's convenient and good for the cause.

    ABT outperformed again!!!!!!! Big time. This stock is awesome!!!! Time to load the boat. I�m taking a second mortgage to buy more. Used all the available margin credit today to load up. Sweeeeeeeeet. Up in a down market.

    Am not really surprised at today's market decrease. Yesterday's increase is what surprised me. Added a tiny bit of cash to my accounts. Not enough to change the percentages, but this market will not act well when we get some bad news, which we will some day. Right now we've got the perfect storm, great profits, great productivity, growing economy, low rates and the market isn't going up anymore. What happens when the perfect storm ends, which it will?

    Have a good evening. You too, Webster.


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    • Bean....

      BMET is a good company that is broadly based in orthopaedics, but unfortunately is fast becoming a victim of the consolidation process going on in the industry. With the ZMH/Centerpulse deal, that cemented(no pun intended)them into the top ortho reconstruction mfg, but behind STY, DePuy/JNJ overall, when you add in the impact of both spinal and sports medicine portfolios. Biomet is in that 2nd tier of industry players.

      They seem to have been also the victim of market share erosin. Dane Miller will say otherwise, but others in the industry believe that SNN and Biomet have lost share in Knee implants.

      I am not a financial analyst, but my gut tells me that the whole ortho industry is on a real high and will go higher as the number of aging boomers start to get joint replacements and spinal implants. Also you have a whole young generation of athletes and weekend warriors out there tearing all kinds of ligaments, cartilage, and the sports med business is also booming.

      I like Biomet and they have done extremely well both marketwise and financially. Dane Miller is a cautious acquiror, but believe he will step that up a bit. One rumor in the industry was that MDT might make a play for them, but you figure it out...It would be a very pricey acquisition at these prices and a multiple of 4-5x sales.

      Look at the 52 week growth of Stryker, a phenomenal 40 point+ stock price rise into the low $90's, ZMH has appreciated in a similar faqshion; up from its spin off price 0f $24 about 2 1/2 yrs ago. Even some of the lessor players like Exactech and Encore have performed well. SNN is an Am Depository Share stock and not quite sure how this is valued from thei britished based corp.

      Bottom line; hold your BMET,ZMH, STY. But all are pretty pricey buys right now. But, it still might be worth jumping in, cuz the market fundamentals are there for continued sales & earnings growth.And it entirely possible that at these prices...its a cheap buy.

      Hope this help!


    • Also, do you have anu opinion son Possis, and AMerican Medical Devices?
      They look great--somewhat pricey tho


      Thanks for the remarks and no I do not have any info on the above. Let me ask around, it maybe after I get back from the AAOS mtg. Watch closely for a couple of co that will break out in IPO's in the 04/05 period; provided that the political climate on reimbursement does not sour their entry. Blackstone Medical is a spinal co privately held. May go public or might be acquired. NuVasive is another one of interest in spine; good patent protected technology. Also check out RTI and MTF, both offer bone graft subsitutes. Integra Life Sciences and Matrix Biotechnologies are colloraborating with DePuy(Div of JNJ) on a matrix scaffold material for articular cartilage. Matrix has an equity/alliance w/ DePuy. I also like GENZ, good flow of Biotech and mfg for Wyeth's distribution of Synvisc, a hyaluronic acid for the treatment of Osteoarthritis in the knee. Selling about $250k+ per year with others like Anika getting into the business. Will expect to see more of the market potential realized. Largest market is currently in Japan; especially females. Allows them to bend down to perform the Japanese tea ceramony with minimal pain. They also(GENZ) have an in vivo cell extraction technique for growing and reimplanting articular cartilage for focal damaged articular cartilage in athletes and weekend warriors.{Plute was invested here at one time}.

      Will keep you posted.


    • ortho, what do you think of bmet now?? maybe a little pricey? any other companies similar to bmet, that are selling at a bit of a discount due to recent bad news?


    • Booker... I have been incredibly busy... I simply have not had time to keep up with the board, but I have tried to read as much as I can...

      ABT is a good stock to own... It will do very well next year, especially if Dubya takes it in November...

      Take it easy Booker...


    • i do like that, i will put a buy order in for $37.50 and adjust accordingly. $38 seems to be a recent bottom on some sort of weakness (earnings), and i will look to get in that range. in at $38 and out at $43 would be fine with me. but what do you make of the pay for their corp exec's? seems a bit high for a company with a 5.5 billion dollar market cap. their ceo makes more than miles salary and options. what do you think about that? and why no divy?


    • No... Not currently... I have been involved with most of the Fortune 500 over the last 25 years in one way or the other though...

      Lotsa times through other affiliates... LabCorp is a solid contender...


    • i just get the feeling you or your family has some ties to canada. whether it be because they immigrated to the US via canada, or lived up there for awhile i'm not sure. but you give the vibe that you have some cultural/familial tie to canada. TRUE????


    • Good Company...


    • Lib the liar! Lib the fraud! I`m a Liberal because I don`t agree with the lies this administration puts out? Every thing that comes out of this administration is a lie!!! I have been looking at this message board for years and guess what, you are a friggin` fraud. You come up with so much BS that is friggin` unbelieveable I can`t believe that people even respond to your crap. Libabtinv85? Huh? Ex-abbott employee that`s impotent?

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