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  • beancounterp beancounterp May 6, 2004 8:28 PM Flag

    question about ignore?

    if someone puts me on ignore am i still able to see what they post?


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    • spec, there is no "free lunch". that is unless you're the biggest lion at the kill. i am merely a vulture picking at the bones. went round and round with abt ir, abt legal, hsp legal, georgeson, equiserve, and 2 of my brokers. bottom line abt f'd-up and with the help of wall street at large they were protected from their own stupidity. the last time i spoke with georgeson (4-27/28) they told me that they could no longer comment on the issue due to legal reasons, and also that they were waiting for a letter from abt that would/could explain the problem. as you know the deal went through as you said.


    • spec, if everything I owned behaved like Elan, I would buy one of those million dollar condo's Kiki saw without concern. It does have a very heavy, struggling top. In this irrational market, it would not take much to scare people out of any profitable position. No matter, I'm going to a Braves game tonight at the Ted. Look for me in the crowd - I'll be wearing jeans, haj

    • Spec

      � Oil prices are not helpful as it will take out an average of 600-700.00 per year out of consumers pockets (that's per car) �

      How much per SUV (suburban uppity vehicle)?

      Cheers! Kiki

    • Hey John

      When NFI coughs, the markets get TB fer sherr! Some of my preferreds are way oversold with 10% divvies, where else can people get that kind of a return! Not the bagholders of this laggard fer sherr.

      BBL! Kiki

    • there are already 4-5 other generic thyroid products on the market. levoxyl, unithroid, levothroid, eltroxin, levo-T, levothyroxine (many manufactures), armour thyroid, thyroid (many manufactures). these products are all cheaper than synthroid, md's will not switch patients from synthroid to others. however, new patients may be started on one of the generics, that would causse some market share errosion.


    • Kiki, you be careful on that NFI board. aok will trick you into uttering a slur against Mr. Hill, who will then hold you up for public ridicule & humiliation. Million dollar condo's are no big deal anywhere. All the lenders have to do is to increade the loan ratio to 10:1 and that condo will fetch 1,200,000 the next month. No problemo! haj

    • Kiki, I guess the smart money is in cash, waiting, having sold at the recent peak. Even biospac's eln is heaving from the weight of the massive runup. Precarious times, conflicting signals, no spec to point the way. For anyone interested, there was an interesting couple of posts early this morning from hhill & jjr on vf. When do these people sleep?

    • Hey Spec

      Good to read you, if only a few other buds would come back now that Pluto is out of town so much the better.

      I think the direction of the market is now more important than individual securities, a receeding tie lowers all boats fer sherr.

      I took a shellacking with my preferreds and small caps, my boat is more like a submarine, nothing is sacred any more. Look at JTP yielding 9.8% paid monthly, what a shame.

      What puzzles me most is seeing everything going down at the same time, gold, copper and what not. Even the almighty � is taking a dive, go figure!

      Have a nice weekend! Kiki

    • Yes, unless you put yourself on ignore... In that case you would not know what they were talking about if they answered you, which they probably would not do if they had you on ignore...

      I don't use Ignore so if you need my help as a "silent" interpreter, I am available... My time is limited though...

      As an unsolicited comment, I can tell you that anyone having you on Ignore has probably not answered you...


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