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  • so_tell_me_cat so_tell_me_cat May 17, 2004 6:16 PM Flag

    Seems to me

    Well, here you people go again. Let me ask you, how many good posters have you all chased away? Like I said, I have read this board for some time. Ortho, Web, Booker, Only, Cel, Mugs, Lib and more hardly if ever post anymore. Even the master of giving us all good info, spec, hardly posts as much as he used to. Do you think they are maybe tired of the crap going on here? There are racists on this board, yes, you know who you are. Why in the world do you people even respond to their posts? And you pluto, you responded to my earlier post you would try to behave, then just a few posts later you are right back at it. Why, oh why, can't you people just get along? This is sad, really sad. By the way pluto, you do seem to be the biggest bragger on the board. Oh, I ate grilled tuna and had chardonnay for lunch, oh I have $400 some thousand in a money market, oh by the way I'm going to the summer cottage, oh by the way, my yacht, oh my house on the Potomac. Have you ever said how you came to your financial "wealth"? Have you ever had humble pie?

    Geez, I miss the good old days of reading the posts on this board.

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    • Web

      Yes, it is terribly sad. Polecat did not try and join the NFI board. He came with foregone, erroneous conclusions. Polecat struck out maliciously. He struck out at me and really good innocent bystanders like Mr Hill who helped found a national organization which aids abused children. I took it personally as I should have because my "friends" stained me with their venom on the NFI board. You would not have stood pat, either. The association has been made repulsive. Low life stuff. Polecat had no right to do that. There was no logic involved, and there certainly was no heart, either. Just malicious intent. Fukk-em. As yet, no one has explained to me why a person would do that. Can you ?

      It has gone on for months. Worthless VANITY, indeed. Malicious assaults. What would you say about that from a "friend?" The vulgarities and idiocies would blow your mind if you were to read them all.


    • AoK... Plute felt rejected by you when you hopped on the NFI Train... You spent most of your time here, and after that ABT became secondary...

      He tried to join in over there, but was rejected again... Maybe his approach was wrong, or maybe his expectations were too high...

      Double rejection is pretty tough...

      You and he were pretty close and it is a shame to see this kind of friction betwixed the two of you...

      I consider you both friends and wish like hell you guys would just slam a few beers and kick back... Maybe there has been two much dirty water under the bridge...

      That is the worst part to me... When friends reach the point of no return and that period in their lives cannot be recovered...

      Nuff Said...


    • That had nothing to do with it. That was just an opportunity for Polecat to slam me. I tried to post a picture of a beautiful Asian woman with her dress hanging off her shoulder, and the link came out porn.I apologized. EGO IS POLECAT. Can you not see that? I think that you can.

      Just history. Polecat is a bagholder, and he has a nasty disposition. ABT 50 EOY for all of these years.

      The scary thing about racists is that the internet gives them cover. The big one here has been aided and abbetted and encouraged by several others. Ain't that grand, and the Abt board is considrered a haven for bigots and fools like Polecat. Ain't that grand, too?


    • Thanks Cel. Like I have mentioned I have read the board for some time, got some good tips on stocks and really enjoyed reading the posts. Used to be good clean entertainment.

      I've been thinking about what started all this, well, bs.

      Seems pluto got mad when aok posted a link, pluto replied back that he, aok was posting porno. Well, lo and behold, the link that aok posted changes every few minutes. I believe what he originally posted was okay, but when pluto opened the link there was a streamer for a dirty website. Anyway something like that. Sad that this people that once were cyber friends have ended up like this.

      I still find it hard to believe that people reply to the obvious racist who posts on the board.

    • So Tell Me, you're postings are tremendous relief! Never thought any postings on this board would have me running out for cheese. Thanks. Cel

    • Bull's eye, sotellmecat! I've enjoyed hearing about the good places to visit, etc. But at this particular moment, it seems like rubbing salt in another's wounds when we know someone is hurting. Letting by-gones be by-gones may bring the board to be more friendly again. The best revenge is to forget and live well. Cel

    • Well then, it must be sad living where the flowers never bloom.

    • Oh, it doesn't bother me. Plute obviously lives in his own little world and likes the scenery there. He's rude and classless, but otherwise completely harmless.

    • Well, from what I have seen here, get used to it.

    • No need to get nasty, it was a simple question. Obviously, the answer is an emphatic NO.

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