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  • second_ave_kid second_ave_kid May 21, 2004 11:54 AM Flag

    What do you expect......

    from a 'president' with a total lack of intellectual curiosity, no foreign policy experience, and who believes he is personally directed by God. Indeed, what a mess. the kid

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    • Psy- It's Nimitz if you ever go to Texas Hill Country go to Chester Nimitz WWII Museum now there was a leader. Newport is nice in summer but NWC is no cakewalk. ERS doesn't ring a bell but my 4-star buddy is President of Lockheed Missile Co. in Orlando his initials are S.A. Super Guy!

    • Plute:
      My twin brother was on two carriers - the Roosvelt and the Lake Champlain. Were you ever on either one of those?

    • Plute:
      My niece is at the Naval War College now. She arrived around 1 March. Remember I wrote about her last summer on the Nimetz in the Persian Gulf. My first cousin's son was and Admiral in the navy about the same time as you. He was on some of those carriers. His initals were E.R. S.

    • If you wanted to test your pucker factor sit as crew in A3D Skywarrior known as "The Whale", this is largest jet ever to be carrier-based as it was built for nuclear strikes.It had no Martin-Baker ejection seats and coming aboard at nite on a no-horizon pitching sea would scare the crap out of you.We use to say:"Only your laundryman knows for sure! PS-A3D stood for All 3 Die. Check Six

    • patrol pricks are famous in their own mind.
      sob will put the whole crew in harms way to prove he is" the right stuff" or so i have been told

    • So..Tell- It would have done you a world of good to have gone in the military as you have all the makings of a First Class Prick.I think The Citadel in Charleston would be good training for you as they breed pricks for the don't have the Right Stuff for Naval Air I can tell. To answer your questions...I was a Lifer yes I did serve sea and shore last tour was The Pentagon also CINCPACFLT at Pearl,Naval War College Newport and Pax River. Check Six

    • Six ships, how many years did you spend at sea all together? Were you ever land based?

    • If you wore a white hat, you must have been in the Navy? The Navy has warrant officers? Can you fill me in as I don't know Navy officer ranks, appreciate it.

    • JB- My observation is there are more pricks in Blackshoe Navy than Brownshoe Navy Air.Smaller ships bigger pricks, now my smallest ship was a Carrier and I been on six.Also the split between Ship's Company and Air Group is enormous, all that is expected of us is strap in get a cat shot day or perish the thought at nite and don't hit the spud locker with a ramp strike.Fighter Squadrons have less pricks than Patrol Squadrons because you generally don't have a crew to tell how dangerous it is to fly with that "prick".BTW-My best buddy made 4-stars had record for most missions over N.Vietman in 4 different types A4,F8,F4,& A6 and I tell you he never was a prick from Ensign O-1 to Admiral O-10 a rare nice guy with ice-water in his cool cat! Check Six

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