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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Jun 21, 2004 6:10 PM Flag

    Good Food Good Wine & Good Women

    Let's Bring The MB Back.Tonite I cooked really fresh broiled swordfish with lemon dill had Benziger Chardonnay and Blueberies-Raspberies-Strawberries with Grand Marnier for desert finished with a campresso with my darling wife who speaks 4 languages and can order me to do things I don't want to do in 5 languages.....but it works! Check Six

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    • spec, you have a good heart, and that's all that matters. Can you give me a brief description of what you mean by socialism? I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about such things in my small slice of the world. haj

    • Polecat

      You are the embodiment of the words.


    • JB-BRAVO ZULU- Tell me how you end up in Chicago from such good Southern roots? Abbott_Lad & Spec are this MBs two brightest posters.I have nothing against Europeans,in fact,I'm the only one in the family not having dual Swiss-USA citizenship.If you followed this neurotic from the start over a year ago you would see a pattern he started attacking Persh then shifted to me & Kiki.BTW-Kiki is no racist neither am I we just dislike these holier than thou types trying to control & correct our posts.I am a EE grad from Northwestern all kids graduated from Virginia and son is Asst Professor in prestigous Ivy League Medical School.His side-kick from that great center of culture Fresno is cut from same cloth as this jerk.He is the reason that provoked me to attack Hill with that "Drink The Kool-Aid" post,actually I like Hill a Yalie but never made the 14/year selected to be Bonesman. CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!

    • Lad

      Exactly the same could be said of Polecat. Rarely does he write a message with fewer than ten errors. I find it instructive and amusing that he takes such pride in his sophistication and does not even know what a sentence is.


    • i fire off the post whie i was still poed. sorry

    • Your passion is clear and your sentiment heartfelt. But despite your best intentions, so much of your message is lost due to your extremely unfortunate grammar, syntax and spelling.

      You'd be surprised at how much more effectively you can convey your message if you take just a little time to proofread and correct your posts -- use the PREVIEW button.

    • ya don havit haf rite.He assed de ole pontee to comeback cuzhees smrt.

    • Spec-You know he is filled with crap and if he can't find a better place to leave his money try St Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis they will not piss it away like the Federal Govt that gives me 3 pensions!BTW-He can't even spell Rosenberg correctly and since he created 3000 biotech jobs you would think he had more insight on new biotechs than you.The guy is a neurotic loser with a chip on his shoulder.Ciao

    • Really po
      No dumb jack off dp person has / is more American than anyone else that is .
      pure European aristocratic bullshit.
      My forefathers came to the us in 1745 and settled in the carolins,[ probably whie you fore fathers were herding goats on a hill in europe]
      we have fought in every conflict since then
      as you probably don't / can't understand they fought on both sides in the civil war; brothers i n Etter's Battery Arkansan Artillery
      others in the 3rd Arkansas Cavalry;;
      Unless you have shed blood for this soil NEVER IN YOU LIFE TIME uteer i am more American
      than you etc;
      No wonder the pole cat despies you and you condensending attitude; He is probably not a racist just a man who pick and chooses who is freinds with. He didn't pick you and you always wanted to be somebody and the Capt refused to accept a poor downtrodden european .
      that is all i have to say and never will i answere any of your post. so piss off non-person

    • General

      Go splain it to Benjamin Netanyahu.


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