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  • snugly60031 snugly60031 Jun 29, 2004 4:59 PM Flag

    ABT to Move Higher with Summer Rally

    IMO today was belated start of Summer Rally. Failed yesterday on late nervousness. This will be a relief rally, after months of depressed stock prices, in spite of good economic news, based on fears of higher interest rates and Iraq handover. Now Iraq handover has been accomplished, and after the Fed raises the predicted 25 basis pts and nothing bad happens there, the cork comes out of the bottle and market euphoria begins. At this time ABT is a market performer, and stock price will move higher with market. Only question remaining is how long the rally?

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    • Snugly,

      I had sent you a profound reply to yesterday's post about selling HSP and buying ABT, but Yahoo ate the message. I am going to copy this one before sending it so as to not deprive you of the insights should Yahoo have another technological glitch.

      A friend of mine belongs to an investment club and a financial planner came to talk to the club. He told them "People around here love their Abbott stock more than they love their spouses and kids." Let's think about this. Synthroid is going to lose half its sales pretty soon. Biaxin will lose at least half in about 11 months. What is going to make up for this? Humira growth? Maybe some of it. Atrasentan? When does it become available and how quick will be the uptake? Prevacid is in decline. It just looks to me like there has to be a lot of sales growth in new and existing products, just to stay even. To get the stock going up, you can't have sales growth be flat. It has to go up. I would like to hear from someone where this growth is coming from. Maybe Lad could enlighten us. He's usually optimistic, but I'd like specifics from him. At any rate, we love you Snug (probably not as much as you love your ABT), but I don't see the merit in adding more ABT. Ask Studly how good it felt to unload. Booker has also relieved himself of the burden. Ponty has lightened the load. AoK is ABT free. Lib holds very little. Is the government going to ease up on health care companies? Will the FDA get easier? Just a few thoughts.

      I have communicated this to a couple people individually, but felt the board needed this take. I can't blame former Senator wannabee Ryan for wanting people to watch him have sex with that hottie he was married to. If she was giving it to me, I'd want people to know it too and eat their hearts out with jealousy. His behavior would have been enough for me to vote for him. That had to be taaaasty. The fact that he wanted her to do it in Paris is a plus. Those guys over there would really be envious because she shaves her legs and pits, unlike the Frenchies. Probably uses deodorant and has good feminine hygiene as well.

      KiKi is wrong. Fed raises by 25 basis points. To not would send the wrong message to the long end of the bond market that the Fed is not vigilant about inflation. After they raise, the jobs report better be good. Am hopeful that KiKi is right about the market going up. I'd like to books some profits and put it in cash in case the terrorists nuke us. Decent market today. Let's hope for more.

      Have a good evening.


    • Also, I doubt Dow or NAS will go much beyond their highs, so I guess that means that the rally will be rather short lived.

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      • Snug

        We need to take advantage of whatever this rally gives us. I noticed GE and MSFT creeping up, after PFE and other before creept only to fall back.

        The rally will be short and come to an end on September 6 IMHO. All indexes will top the old 12m highs and it wil give a good opportunity to raise some cash.

        I agree with Spev about ELN, I should have bought it instead of the laggard: old habits die hard, don't they.

        BBL! Kiki

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