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  • libabtinv85 libabtinv85 Jul 18, 2004 4:03 PM Flag

    Martha & Pensions


    I saw your post about Martha. It's probably true. I've heard a lot of stories like that about her, but never knew anybody that had seen it. It's easy to vilify public figures that we personally don't like and I don't like Martha. I try to be fair to everybody except Democrats, although now that you mention it, Martha is a Democrat, so she probably is a big, bad, meanie.

    Kiki, the pension issue is a difficult one for employees and employers. Unfortunately, there are not many good answers. If the company keeps feeding an under funded pension, the shareholders are getting screwed and if the company ends the pension program, the employees are getting screwed. The best scenario is no under funded pensions. Then everybody is happy. It's not happening anymore. Last I heard 70% of Fortune 500 companies had under funded pensions. How long do you think that is sustainable?


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    • I'd like to think that that was true.

      Up in the former sugar cane fields in Hawaii there was a smoothie stand of all things, and a beautiful Asian woman made them, articulate and soulful.

      Her "friend" lost his change while he was buying a cookie. He asked about where her boy was working...up in the banana fields. He said... send him up I'm over at Mr. A's place.

      I could tell that he was madly in love with her.

      I'll end the day on a positive note.



    • Spec

      This entire idea is central to my thinking. I do not want to ignore anyone. It is repulsive/repugnant to me, but the world has evil in it. Therefore, there must be judgment. I've made mine. There is no co-habitation with evil. It just will not do.

      Would you advise your kids to tolerate his talk ? Someone in the room has to finally say...NO.

      I will ignore him. That is like death in my book. Terrible deal.

      I suppose that what you do in cyberspace is up to you. Would you welcome, Goebbels, really?

      Why should it be different here ?

      I prefer to like people. I was taught to do so. I sound like a big Liberal, don't I?

      I was was one for a long time.


    • You are an effin idiot. Step up big time, board buds.

      Disgraceful person. Support him, now.

      Who is to judge ? It is all relative, is it not ?

      Disgraceful things, OK ?



    • actually you two are always the first to jump up and defend the rights of those you deem under-privileged or who have minority status, so why don't you defend the constitutional rights of kkk members and nazi's. i think it would be safe to assume that they are a true minority in the american population, and given such a distinction, would require extraordinary protection by you do-good liberal types.


    • I feel absolutely free to make value judgements in a relativists' world. Screw them.



    • Discraceful, still.

    • What is really scary is that there not even a scrimmage. Pitiful. Discraceful.

    • I love for you to spew that garbage. Now, board buds, step up and support this good-ole-boy.


    • what do your people advocate for arabs around the world. guess you forgot about the pain, suffering and destruction the people of isreal have rained down on their arab neighbors. so do they get whats coming their way. we, as americans, who regularly support isreal have bore the brunt of the attacks by the arabs. and i for one am tired of it. maybe we should ammend our foreign policy stand with regards to isreal.


    • That is the scary part. What is underneath civility ? The big question.


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