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  • aok1903 aok1903 Jul 30, 2004 1:51 PM Flag

    Power to the People

    We don't break America into Fresno, Detroit, Waukeegan and Grand Rapids VS. San Francisco, New York and Boston. Hell no. People need free drugs everywhere. .. Big pharma won't get no special more politics as usuall. Power to the people dadnabbit.Big and little people united.

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    • LS,
      Put me down for two copies right now!!
      I will send one to my Mom. Took her first photography lesson at age 64. Now, at this moment traveling in her fith wheel, putting together same type of photo essay.

      When she returned from last western swing, developing bill was $787.00

      Amazing stuuf though


    • LS...

      Could not agree more. When living in Colo, hardly ever used the freeway's. always the hilly mtn roads with the top down(except in the dead of winter). The canyons, valleys, and mtns really took your breathe away. Would explore an ole silver/gold mine, fish for rainbow, brown and golden trout(real beauties), and ski the back bowls of Vail. But it was the small mtn towns and the people that were so great. And the food was out of this world..not gourmet to be sure, but good ole rib sticking grub like Flapjacks, eggs taken out of the hen house that morning, and home made soda biscuits, etc.

      Just ready to imbark on the backroads again with the top down. Going to see granddaughter in Philly. Yea I could fly, but driving through the Alleghany(sic) Mtns is much more fun.

      Let me know when you publish that book, I definitely will buy a copy.


    • There is a move to get interstate highway status for Highway 99. Every other truck is out of state. The road surface approaches dangerous, but we do not get federal money for its maintenance/improvement. But what the hey, we only get back something like .92 of every dollar we send to Washington anyway. Life isn't fair. Typical. Don't make no sense.

    • There won't any two laners left. I'm always game.

      Yes, I've fished Twin Lakes. Lovely. Dad and I used fish Lake Crowley where there are monster lake trout. California record at one time.

      One year we went over Tioga Pass before it was paved. Still one lane with turnouts. It was foggy. Dad made me get out of the car to see where we were going on a couple of turns.

      After backpacking we would soak at Fish Creek, the hot springs in the desert. Now a dude/fishing ranch.

      I love the high desert and the smell of sage.

    • L S Go back and feel young again for old time's sake! Cel

    • AOK,

      Why do you say those days are nearly done? Car tires flat? No gas rationing coupons? Those are the only reason not to go on a nice road trip with your sweetie! Just take more time and make more stops....every restroom if necessary....but you will still enjoy it! Cel

    • Hi LS, I've driven the route from OC to Reno more than once. A real treat except when it snows. What a place to forget the rest of the world and enjoy nature's beauty. Along the way, one can find the lovely trailhead to Mt. Whitney, Manzanar, Mammoth, June Lakes loop, Devil's postpile, Mono Lake, and too many lakes and fish to count. But it's not a good one to drive at night. Two lanes and dips that can hide trucks. It's nice to know there are board buds who have been there!


    • One of my favorite Sunday drives (when I lived in SF) was to take Hwy 1 up thru Mt. Tamalpais into Stinson Beach, then return and go thru the state park via the Panoramic Highway, back to Hwy 1 and then onto 101 into Sausalito for a great dinner at Zacks.

      I don't think Zacks is there anymore, but they used to have these great turtle races every wednesday night !!

      Oh.. I sometimes long for the mispent days of my youth !!


    • Fay and I drove from Oakhurst to Tahoe starting with Highway 49. That's another great drive. It goes by Sutter's Mill...ends at Highway 50...the great Tahoe two laner.

      Them days are damned-near done.


    • For those picking on my California:

      Even the central valley has its good points:
      Fresno is within a short pleasant drive to Yosemite and great high Sierra destinations. It has great beauty and recreation close by and that is redeeming. The central CA coast is within driving distance too. The heat discomfort range is no worse than Texas or Florida or Palm Springs. Folks just stay inside with air conditioning anyway. But you can drive up to the forested mountains and lakes from Fresno. Just had to defend the golden state.

      Native Californian, Celerii

      • 2 Replies to celerii
      • That a girl. One of Fresno's attributes is its proximity, central location to everything else. aok's cabin at 4,200 feet 40 minutes. SF 4 hours. LA. 4 HRS. Coast 2/12HRS. Tahoe 5 HRS. and so forth. It has its own virtues that a I native like me could share as well. Pluto imagines it's like Vegas in the 60's. Fresno in the 60's. No other place like it. Wonderful variety. Cheap housing. Good pools.

        Celeri..bring your husband. Come visit.


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