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  • pershing832003 pershing832003 Aug 14, 2004 3:10 PM Flag

    Out of action

    No hard drive. Dell (it sounds like their branch in India) says maybe by Tuesday. They are not upset my 1 yr old computer is down.

    US to pull out 100K troops from Europe and Asia; about time I'd say. GWB could have done this long ago.

    Working in Nashville, Persh

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    • I was going to say to reinstall your video driver but it seems that lad beat me to it.. now with the drive updated, you should be able to increase the size without a problem from your display icon in the control panel.

    • CC,

      One other thought. Do you have a "Go Back" feature on your system? My Gateway has "Go Back" which lets you reformat your hard drive to a point in the past. As long as you revert your hard drive to a time before the problems started, you'll be fine. Go Back has saved my ass many times.


    • Looks like Lad handled it...

      Thanks Lad...


    • It's so much better now. And I learned about all the sites I can find information about this thing in the future. After I updated the driver, I restarted, changed the size of the font and objects to large, didn't like it, went back, restarted, rolled back the driver, updated, and now its fine. I'm not sure much changed but only one screen isn't completely filled up but it looks more normal. No more flashing and pictures look great.

      Only Q: If I go back and restore, does it affect the word processing programs as long as I saved everything? That's my only worry.

      It's been an educational day. Thanks! Cel

    • Cel,

      Well, I wonder if sister had been playing some games that need to be uninstalled. I think you can do a restore; go back to just before it happened. There will be a calendar that comes up, click on the closest date.

      Have you done it? Signing off 'til tomorrow or whenever Dell shows up.


    • Usually alphabetical, so that won't help. If your monitor has a model number, obviously, look for one with that name.

      Actually, if you added the monitor after the original setup, you may have two other ways to get the best driver.

      1. Check the box the monitor came in if you have it, or the user's guide bag. See if there is a driver that came with it.

      2. Better still, to get the latest, check Sony's website Download the right driver, and follow the installation instructions.

    • This is a replacement monitor from Sony. There are 3 drivers listed. Is the most recent one usually at the top or bottom?

    • Several possibilities, hard to tell without being there...

      1. Could be the BIOS setup. To take a look, you probably need to reboot, and BEFORE WINDOWS STARTS TO LOAD, press the correct key(s) for your computer to get to the BIOS setup. There will probably be a quick display just after the reboot begins that will tell you what key(s). Or, in the case of Sony VAIO notebooks (don't know about desktops), there is a SETUP utility in the VAIO directory. What you're looking for is the parameter that lets you maximize the display to the physical screen size. This is usually the default, but not always, especially for notebooks.

      2. I told you to set refresh to 60MHx because that is standard. However, your monitor may work better at a different refresh value, especially if was set differently before your problem. Try lower first, then higher, see if it makes a difference.

      3. Depending on your monitor/adapter combo, you may have additional options on the DISPLAY SETTINGS screen (other tabs at the top). Look around there, see if you see anything that looks like desktop size.

      4. The monitor itself should have a setup function (any 'MENU' button on the front of the monitor?) that will let you adjust horiz and vertical size. The combination of the refresh rate being sent by the computer and the display settings in the monitor may be all you need.

      5. The monitor you're using may have its own driver (i.e., the 'default' monitor driver won't work right). Try the same process you did with the display adapter to reinstall the driver (remember: RT CLK My Computer, PROPERTIES, HARDWARE, DEVICE, double click MONITORS, find yours, PROPERTIES, DRIVER, UPDATE).

      Good luck.

    • Persh, please let us know what you experience with Dell service. I may be shopping for a new computer soon. Daughter did something to this one "to help" while I was out of town.

      Now the monitor is really goofy with the screen quivering and pictures flash...looks haunted! The print is very large and the resolution setting is very low resolution but it won't let me increase it. She was in safe mode trying to get the adware off. Anybody have recommendations? All this flashing is giving me the creeps!

      Thanks Cel

    • Persh,

      Next time, buy an HP ! :)

      Sorry to hear about your PC problems though - it's a drag when they crash like that.


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