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  • snugly60031 snugly60031 Aug 27, 2004 7:31 PM Flag

    Israeli Mole at Pentagon

    More than a year ago it was stated on this MB that US invasion of Iraq was more in Israel's interest than ours. Now we find out that an Israeli mole was working as an analyst in Pentagon, and that this person was in the position to influence conclusions drawn from intel that resulted in decision to go to war. With no WMD's found, apparently our decision makers were suckered into carrying water for Israel, and eliminating their enemy at our expense.

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    • AOK....

      Saw the Gaugin at the docks in Papette(sic). A stunning beautiful ship and one of the larger cruise ships I've been on(sailed the Fairseas to Acupulco(sic) from LA). We sailed to the same Islands as the Gauguin; Bora Bora, Tahaa, Raietea, and Moorea, but in nowhere near the luxury that this baby has. But if you are looking for adventure and avoid the crowds, a nic little 50ft sailboat is sure a great way to get around the Islands. Can anchor and take a dingy over to Club Med and watch the Tah Tah's sunning on the beach.

      Oh, I am falling in love again with my South Sea's adventure,


      But Persh, told me the Grenadines will be beautiful too. So looking forward to my Nov cruise.

    • General

      I'm aware of the Baptist thing, but it is completely out of my realm of experience. The Right religious folks here are the Evangelicals. Maybe, they were once Baptists. I do not know, but I would not be surprised.

      "Neo-con" is becoming clear to me now. I'd always wondered what the big deal was.

      I actually would like to go to Israel, but that would have to be after Thailand and Tahiti and about twelve other places.

      Paul Paugin to Tahiti next year.

      I miss Hawaii.



    • AoK,

      It would be an interesting trip. Many Baptist groups from here head for the Holy Land, though lately it has slowed down a lot.

      I always liked Netanyahu, Sharon is tough.


    • I'll stand really close to Rabbi Mike.

      Kiki, you are a case within a case. Like A Russian egg. A riddle wrapped within an enigma.

      Gasp und weaze fer sherr.

      By the time you make it to Florida it'll have gone Lib. Ah, too bad fer der Keekster.

      Buenos dias.

      No more today.


    • Aok

      �We should tour Israel. I have some friends.�

      I'm not too so sure about that, when I was in Israel in 1965, Israelis were despising American Jews, like poking fun at the shape of their noses whenever they were getting off the tourist buses.

      The memory of 1956 when Eisenhower prevented the Zionists from taking the Suez canal I guess.

      Things may have changed after the 1967 war when de Gaulle dumped the illegitimate country and the Zionists found another suggar daddy.

      I don't know fer sherr as I haven't gone back over there, but since that time I have always considered American Jews like a strange breed indeed.

      Thought you'd like to know! Kiki

    • General

      One of my most admired includes Benny Netanyahu.

      We should tour Israel. I have some friends.


    • AoK,

      You are right about the Jews; they are smart and we probably could learn something.

      Snug, let us wonder about this. Did the Jews know there were no WMD? And if so, did they withold this information from Bush? Their intelligence must have had some knowledge of what was going on inside Iraq.

      Is this too conspiratorial?


    • General

      The Jews have a talent for anything they get their hands on, including the media. I totally admire them. We could learn something from them.

      Giants playing Braves on Fox. National.


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