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  • orthosearch orthosearch Oct 11, 2004 5:45 PM Flag

    A Pharma Giant?

    Abbott Laboratories Agrees to Acquire Nutrition Firm EAS for $320 Million

    Looks like Miles strategy of buy anything if its for sale is in full swing. Have a hard time understanding what ABT wants to be when it really grows up; A Pharma Co or a Food Business! The money could have been used to strenghten its spinal business as well.


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    • Spec

      You'll be alright... already.


    • Sleep well Spec. The good news for you is that in the morning, when your social buddies start to post, they won't scroll back to read tonight's posts, to see how intellectually vacuous you really are.

    • Jesus Christ! Have you even read your embarrassing responses. You are making no sense what so ever. With each of your responses you throw out a new Econ 101 textbook term without ever having made an argument about the term that you just threw out. Have you been drinking, if not you should call it a night and quit embarrassing yourself.

    • Spec

      Lad is here to endorse.

      Darling're a panner, but you have come short of late.

      Are you settled in your house ?


    • By the way your reference to "Barriers to Entry" are nonsencical relate to the instant topic. You obviously must have your business Economics 101 textbook in front of you.

    • Spec,
      If you have any integrity whatsoever, you should make an effort to study that upon which you continually pontificate. You truly have very little intimate knowledge of, or understanding of the health care industry or Abbott specifically. Monitoring this message board, I have mused at you and several others making statments, knowing that you will never be held to any rigorous scrutiny amongst your fellow social companions. You post in a very safe environment knowing that you will never be challenged. Your ego far exceeds any legitimate useful information that post relating to Abbott. You are intellectually lazy.

    • Spec,
      I understand that this message board is a Social meeting place. That is perfectly fine. But you and several others make statements about Abbott of which you have no knowledge. Your post are true dribble. You use a few phrases about business which are cursory at best. I don't care if you like Abbott or not, you without regard to any acedemic or intellectual rigor continue to spew statement that are factually vapid.

    • Please refer to message 69513 submitted by Hornmaster69. Depreciation isn't making these earnings. Don't submit ignorant posts, when you don't know wat you are talking about.

    • Yeah, beauty (especially when juxtaposed against 50+) can make that happen. Tough duty, huh?

    • Ortho

      Man, do you ever have that right. The nutritionals division has the lowest return on invsestment, but what the heck... it's only 320 million.


      • 2 Replies to aok1903
      • Several of you retired "Old Farts", with more ego and false bravado, than common sense, still don't get it. What part of 30% of Abbott's bottom line NET PROFITS are generated at Ross, don't you understand?? Please go take a walk or go to the Seniors Center and diversify your lives. There is "Life" outside your "tired" message board ramblings.

      • Snug/AOK...

        I knew it was for Ross and AOK makes my point. It was the lowest ROI division for the company. Frankly. I thought the division would be spun off at some point because of this. Or go the way of the Golf Balls from the Fautless Rubber Goods Div many years ago.

        IMO just feel that the money could have been used to bolster Pharma or one of ther Med Device Programs to generate a higher ROI than getting into the food business; even if it is a speciality business....So What? But I guess that makes too much common sense to me and am not a sphisticated strategist like the Stanford educated MBAer Miles.


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