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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Nov 11, 2004 6:40 AM Flag


    Looks like ABT-874 may be another winner Crohn's Disease and MS...that ABT EOY $47.75 looking better everyday. Phy-I thought one colon check was good for 10 years,are you overdoing it or do they find polyps? May get a study saying probing in colon causes perforations so be cautious.Hell,I still got my tonsils remember when they said cut them out at 6 and you get ice cream? Persh-Bloodies at parties are no good you need good vodka,good mix,horseradish,Worcester sauce,tabasco,limes & broccolini & celery hearts they prevent prostate problems I still got that still working good too with stable PSA=1.0.Even the bad knee feels better with exercise.HEAL THY SELF.BTW-I have 100% free medical care including prscription drugs so cost is no concen.I think SMBI will drop today I sold at $20.00 will BUY @ < $17.50.Have not heard from Lib,I think he is concerned about CS #1 and rising interest rates.Life is great.Check 6

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    • I didn't answer the question on what the terrorists would be doing. Well, it would be purely conjecture on my part to know what the terrorists would be doing or are doing, just as it is conjecture on your part. I image they are planning more attacks on the U.S. It was about 10 years between the first attack on WTC until the next attack, so it may be about another 7 years before they attack us in the U.S. again. But, that is a guess. Do you know?I do know what they wouldn't be doing and that is killing Americans in Iraq.

    • Typical liberal, you didn't answer the question!!!!!!!!!! spin spin spin

    • Lib:
      What would the terrorists be doing if they weren't busy in Iraq? That is the Republicans pat answer to everything. It is spin, spin, spin. Remember, Bush landing on the aircraft carrier and announcing, "Mission Accomplished."
      If the mission was accomplished what in the hell have we been doing Fallujah the last week? These last two statements are facts not spin.

    • Spec,

      It certainly looks like more headwinds than tailwinds at ABT to me. I thought that the past couple weeks gave holders of the laggard a great chance to get out. Sometimes it seems like the market gives you gifts and if you don't take them, a year later you are asking yourself why. I've felt that recently was one of those gifts. You are right about the posters blaming the analysts for pointing out what is really happening.

      Some posters keep crowing about the ABT dividend, but you could buy Bank Of America, which pays 4%. They don't even have to deal with the FDA.

      In the event that we are wrong and ABT does goe up, shareholders can hedge themselves by only selling a portion of their holdings. But when it's all said and done, I don't really care what they do. It's their money. It's just that I like to see my friends make good decisions.

      Incidentally, your favorite pick is up $0.20 since you picked it. You picked it at $2.70 for the board contest. Friday was a nice day.

      I am kind of curious as to what Phys thinks the terrorists would be doing if they weren't busy in Iraq. Maybe he thinks they wouldn't have been created without our intervention. The comfortable, no risk, socialist, utopian view that failed us in the past and will fail us in the future if we go back to it.

      Hope you're having a good weekend.


    • BioSpec

      Wise King Salomon, wise not! He crashed the party fer sherr but the laggard will recover.

      � The biggest issue facing the US is the deficit. �

      Which deficit, budget or trade? BTW the Europagans are p*** by Dubyuh letting the dollar dive, good for them.

      BRSIX, CGMFX and RSPFX doing well YTD, not as well as last year though (sigh).

      Is your lake frozen already?

      Buonanotte! Kiki

    • Ponty

      � I don't want to fight anymore �: this will come back and bite you, are you sure you meant to say that?

      Shalom! Kiki


      I mean that with all of my heart.



    • I have been checked and so far so good. I am considering some genetic testing, but am not 100% I want to know what my predisposition may be.

      As far as Web is concerned, I'm sure you all hear from him more than I do. He is my favorite, but I wouldn't bet the farm on the reverse of that.

    • Heh, heh...

    • Hajohn:
      One of my cats is named ET. He only has 8 lives left as he once crashed in Roswell.

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