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  • aok1903 aok1903 Dec 6, 2004 11:27 AM Flag

    Stocks out of the Way

    Now that the requisite A.M. "stock discussion" is over what now ?

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    • Cat:

      Quarterbacks tend to 'turn me on' for probably somewhat different reasons than for you. <GRIN>

      Watch for an update on another channel..

    • Lib....

      Forget it. ABT declared they are not interested. White probably overextended his acquisition budget anyway.

      Abbott not interested in Guidant, stent businesses
      Tue Dec 7, 2004 12:13 PM ET Reuters


    • Speak for yourself...buddy. Favre works just fine for me.

      BTW: Things going ok? Haven't seen you around for awhile.


    • Ah Lib,

      You and I were getting along so well...I should have know it wouldn't last. Favre will just have his granny make a new gris-gris bag for him and he'll be off an running again.

      So you're an accountant huh, I should have figured.


    • I did miss that the projection was for the future. I like Palmer and Marvin. Bengals are in a good rebuilding program and will be a team that will gain respect.


    • <<Can't believe JNJ bot Guidant for $24 Bil! Glad ABT didn't.>>


      Speculation is that ABT might buy the GDT stent business because it will create anti-trust problems for JNJ if they don't divest it. This would help strengthen ABT's fledgling stent business and JNJ would like selling it to the weakest player in the game.

      Makes some sense. If ABT is going to play in this game, they might as well try to be a viable player, versus not even being a blip on the radar screen. JNJ won't feel threatened by ABT buying this either.


    • Plute...

      Your right, it was really a fast game, with the ball on both sides being pushed up the court and quick shots taken. Illni won last night so retain #1. Speaking of Illini, Ron Zook accepted the head FB coaching job at Illinois. Was also under consideration at Ole Miss, but with a plumb recruiting area in your own backyard, probably made him drool just thinking about all those Chicago area athletes.

      Plute, the JNJ GDT deal has been rumored for several months. Ron Dollens, GDT CEO had announced his pending retirement. For JNJ is strengthens their position in the Pacemaker business and puts them in a strong position against MDT. They have some stent products, but not yet on the market and will likely compliment their own Cyphus stent now marketed by Cordis. If you look at the next 10-20 yrs demographics and the relative growth of those markets $24B is really not over paying. The Cardio market is one of three really hot med device markets and will be for many years to come. I would worry that if ABT tried to get them, they would mis-manged the business. No prior Pacemaker experience within the Sr ranks. Whereas,JNJ has owned Cordis for a number of yrs. I you recall, GDT was one of my picks and am smiling a little as I watch the arbs bid her up.


    • Ortho-Watched the game fast action to quote Iowa State coach: "It was like instead of being in December it was a March NCAA Tournament level game." UVA Freshman Singletary missed that layup then two tip-ins at end. UVA is hard to figure need seasoning. Top team in area is GW upset Michigan State & Maryland over weekend. ILLINOIS & GTECH best I've seen so far. Can't believe JNJ bot Guidant for $24 Bil! Glad ABT didn't.

    • Penn...

      Agree. Way too much at stake with the top conference schools and TV. Although TV would drool for the shot. The bowls are against, because it would dilute their importance. I can just envision the venom being spewed when the Orange Bowl finds out that the Rose has the Championship playoff game and they are getting Super Bowl type money. And your right running up the score does not mean how good you are, it only means you are a greedy bastard with no morals of fair play. Remember OK did this years agao and was highly criticized for it.

      As for ND, your right Penn it will blow over and they will likely get a less than high profile coach, probably one from the Pro's(an asst with an ND bkgd)to take over. When his firing was announced, several prized players including one in the Chicago area told ND to stick it. They are now looking at Miiichigan, Ohio State, Miami, and Fl State.


    • Plute...

      Watched my son's alma mater Ia State take on UVA last nite. Sure did not look like a ranked team to me Plute! It got close at the end but UVA made some very sloopy plays.

      Agree with Cash is King. Too many mini crises states taking place; Iraq, Expected Healthcare Reform, $ vs Euro, Japanese shutting down car plants because of steel shortage; etc. Think I rebalance with a few more bonds and convertible debt.


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