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  • libabtinv85 libabtinv85 Dec 6, 2004 8:33 PM Flag


    Big nothing of a market today. The laggard did OK, although it did not look pretty early in the day. HSP continuing to look good. HSP $34 EOY. Laggard $41 EOY.

    Cat. You need to have a significant cash reserve in case the terrorists nuke. I hope you do. You should have a small or mid cap fund. Maybe the Vanguard Extended Index Fund. It's the Wilshire 5000, excluding the S&P 500. The S&P 500 is 70% of the market cap of U.S. stocks, so this fund is the other 30%. This is a good way to play small companies. It's been going up a lot lately. I'd wait for a pullback. It has low, low costs. You are very heavy in to large caps. But it�s a nice diversified portfolio. I�d sleep well at night with it, except for the laggard and PFE. Regulatory issues and costs, patent expirations, pipelines, the move towards socialism and investor perceptions all provide significant headwinds for big pharma. It�s hard to see these issues changing. My Mom has been lightening up on SBC. It hasn�t done anything for years. The divvy is nice, but it�s hard to see that stock going up. People disconnecting land lines, cell phone prices dropping, large capital expenditures. On the plus side, DSL use is up, but it�s just hard to see it going up. Talk about headwinds.

    I used to hate Notre Dame. Now I like them. They demand athletes be students. When Lou Holtz was coach, 97% of the football team graduated with college degrees. They play with one hand behind their back demanding academic excellence.

    Gold, the dollar weakness and energy all look like bubbles. Don�t know if they are, but they look and feel that way. Is this time different? It never has been, but maybe this time it is.

    Have a good evening.


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    • Phy,

      Gold stocks taking a hit again today.

      Did you buy any of the new buillion ETF?

      Where have you been?


    • <<<Has anyone patented a cushion with a light bulb? It could turn on when you sit on it and shed light where it counts most.>>>

      You're a student of proctology?

    • Persh,

      Maybe you have struck on something with this light thing. I can sense an unfilled market niche ready for exploitation. Has anyone patented a cushion with a light bulb? It could turn on when you sit on it and shed light where it counts most.


    • Persh-Can't help you in Nashville to avoid the blues but I find eating "comfort food" helps.Mine is a plate of fresh spaghetti & meatball [only one] at a little spot where you pay before you eat [$7.50 with salad & toasted garlic bread].Place run by real Italian from Napoli who even provides 4 free newspapers to read.He makes his own hot sauce from ground chillies great stuff takes a man to handle it.My blues never last long and I love waking up to bacon & eggs then 2 cups Yogi Antioxident Green Tea before I'm off to swim.I could give Kiki specific advice on San Diego but he needs to leave El Cajon very depressing place.BTW-Never bored in San Francisco or Hawaii, Aloha

    • Heck, The Keekster often has the blues. It is a function of the market rather than some holiday. I get the blues if I must go to the mall for some obligatory shopping and mix with the riff-raff and excitable tweens (gasp). So, I try to shop on the internet for those gifts that mean so much and keep my holidays (AKA Christmas) happy.

      Shorter days with less sunshine may contribute. In fact KiKi may need light therapy come to think of it.

      The General

    • Lib

      � It's the Wilshire 5000, excluding the S&P 500. The S&P 500 is 70% of the market cap of U.S. stocks, so this fund is the other 30%. �

      It's not a fund, it's a stock w/ ticker VXT !

      Cat has a lousy portfolio IMO, down over the last three years if weighted back when.

      Don't mix money and sentiment, your too sentimental fer sherr!

      C6! Kiki

      • 1 Reply to keekefretter
      • <<It's not a fund, it's a stock w/ ticker VXT!>>


        It may trade as a stock, but Vanguard also offers it as a fund. VEXMX. Lad is correct. You have been grouchy lately.

        Cat. Yes, I thought we were doing splendidly. But you can't trust us car salesmen. We bullshit too much.

        Plute. You are wrong. KSS started the year on January 1 at $44.94, so it's up a couple bucks.

        Ortho. That was interesting that Miles said "no" to GDT stent business. Maybe he's just positioning to get a cheaper price. But he may be saving the money to buy another company that makes nutritional candy bars. I think it's pretty apparent that ABT's stent business will be half assed. Speaking of asses, Ortho, how did you get my girlfriend's picture? I would dump the slut for Cat, but Cat's mad at me because of my lack of devotion to overrated Favre, so I'll have to stay with the other one for a while. She has some endearing qualities, but she doesn't know the difference between a P/E ratio and a dividend yield. I don't particularly like them stupid like that. Sometimes I have to stick something in her mouth to get her to shut up.

        Have a good evening, all.


    • Yep, that's exactly what I've been saying -- wait for the big blip, then get in.....

    • lad, I don't think there's any doubt that China is the emerging superpower, but the question is when to buy. Jim Rogers believes there will be a hard landing sometime in '05, so maybe it would make sense to wait a while to commit big bucks?

    • LIB,
      Exception to the rule, ND competing against the PRO college system.

      If you don't get the grades, you don't play.

      Somewhat different than the norm.

      TY was a class guy that fit in with the program. Recruiting screwed for the next several years including coaching.


    • Lib:

      I agree with most of your assessment today, but I'm still holding to my $45 EOY for ABT. I do wonder, though, about your thoughts on the Wilshire 5000 -- not that I disagree, but I'm more partial to diversifying into foreign funds, especially with the skyrocketing 2 billion person strong Chinese factor. Right now, I'm waiting for the next blip from over there (I estimate it will be Q1 '05 -- probably oil related), then I'm planning to put as much as 15% there, likely in a 'small cap Chinese' (aren't they ALL small cap over there?) fund.

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