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  • pennirish7602 pennirish7602 Jan 10, 2005 11:47 AM Flag

    OT- ? for Ortho

    Need your expertise. I am beginning to experience more than mild discomfort in my left knee. It is most troubling, since it seems to have come on suddenly. Two weeks ago while bowling, I could barely make it through
    the third game. Knee felt "dry" inside. I am 45 and used to be a decent athlete. Time to see a specialist or what would you suggest.

    I guess I should answer a couple of questions up front for the hecklers:

    Yes, I do have a shirt with my name on it

    Yes, my team's sponsers phone number is on the back

    Yes, I do drink beer while bowling

    No, you will never see me bowling on TV, Bowling for Dollars went off the air in the late 70's


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    • Penn:

      I wanted to wait for Ortho's professional reply before giving my decidely anecdotal one....

      I was exactly your age when I had my right knee scoped after having twisted it seriously playing volleyball. As a former athlete myself, the surgery went well (removed torn cartilege, especially some 'older' stuff, and scraped away some arthritis), and the rehab period (about 8 weeks) went well.

      Three years later my left knee started acting up, but from no specific trauma. MRI revealed similar damage, but the doc (new guy, I had moved) suggested VIOXX. Took it for 4 months - it worked great - and he also suggested the OTC Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplements. When the RX for Vioxx ran out, I just continued taking the supplement, and I still do today. The left knee has been fine ever since, and the right knee remains very good.

      Bottom line: If you don't already take it, try the OTC supplements. Give it 60 days to have an effect -- use ibuprofen or naproxen in the interim. If that doesn't work, surgery can always remain an option.

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      • Thanks Lad,
        My wife had actually told me about Naproxen. I had been on Vioxx for the bad shoulder for probably way too long. Can I sue somebody.

        Only took two weeks off after the rotator cuff surgery, did all the rehab in hotel gyms while traveling extensively for work. Everything came out well on that. I only settled on the surgery when I could no longer swing a golf club. Doc said it was most likely an old hockey injury from teen years.


    • Penn.....

      Your young, but as a former athlete it might be wise to see a specialist.


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