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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Mar 26, 2005 10:16 PM Flag

    March Madness Is Great!

    You guys missed some great theatre,NCAA Fight for Final Four Fighting Illini came back down 15 with <4 mins to win 90-89 in OT.Louisville did same.Carolina dodged a bullet from Villanova.Expect Carolina & Kentucky to win tomorrow and I now think Ilini will beat Carolina in finals.Made a great minestrone today and added a bunch of cilantro,basil & chile peppers really perked up the flavor [gave Paco weekend off].See where Stockscouter upgraded ABT to a 7 from 6 guess this week's defying the market impressed them.NFI also 7 but I'm now convinced as Lib says Rocker is in control so on next bounce > $38 I may eject as NFI seems goosey.Persh- Got e-mail from old Navy buddy 7 years in Hanoi Hilton that our two VADM POWs Bill Lawrence & Jim Stockdale not in good health.Bill lives in Annapolis & Jim in Coronado.All these guys had The Right Stuff.Check 6

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    • Well, sometimes there are some pretty bad NO- calls but no ref wants to make a bad call! The no-call is forgotten

      My son said, BTW, many times, calling the girls games is a fate worse than death.

    • <<No one wants the zebras to decide the outcome. >>

      Ain't it the truth? What about that Villanova traveling call?

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    • My son refereed BB for yrs. The "good" refs do not call fouls in the waning seconds unless the losing team wants the winning team to go to the foul line.
      You do not call fouls that will influence the games outcome a la KY. And, if a team is way down you let them finish as quickly as possible.

      No one wants the zebras to decide the outcome.

      Probably OK when all is said and done.

    • Phy,
      I am glad a refs call didn't decide the game.
      I thought he was fouled, chest bump as he went up. In hindsight a good no call, the shot went. I am sure IZZo was screaming no fouls, that why the kid panicked and threw his arms up.

      I root for ND first and Terps second. As for graduating players, if they don't and leave early for NBA, do they have to pay the school back for their free ride?


    • Phy,
      While I am not old, I am old school. When I played BB it was a none contact sport. I agree with Persh, Let 'Em Play, but they should play by the rules. If the refs got back to calling Palming, today's point gaurds would commit a turnover everytime down the floor. The rule states "no part of the dribblers palm may face skyward, this constitutes the end of the dribble"

      Most times they do even when not gaurded or challenged, they just think it looks cool.

      Geezing, Penn

    • Penn:
      I just saw it again and it wasn't a foul. The kid raised his hand before the shot to make sure a foul wasn't called. Don't you think Izzo told them no fouls? And, I wouldn't be for KY even if they were playing the U. of Moscow.

    • Penn:
      I like the timeouts as they are or maybe cut out one of them each half. I would like to see the 5 seconds guarding done away with, and I would like to see the time out while catching the ball, when going out of bounds done away with.

    • Nobody is going to call a foul with time running out; just does not happen in basketball.

      Let 'em play, Persh

    • phy, he was body-checked. It would have knocked me or you flat on our back. haj

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