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  • plutothecat_17 plutothecat_17 Apr 7, 2005 9:13 PM Flag

    LS Dated Jerry Garcia

    LS-Tell us about living near the Panhandle in the late 1960s,smoking pot with Gratefull Dead,Grace Slick etc.I was zooming over the Golden Gate in those days and Haight-Asbury was out-of-bounds.BTW-Going to be watching Blue Angels 8-9 Oct 2005 in San Francisco always a show stopper.

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    • Nocomp

      You'll reach 62 before the laggard fer sherr.

      Aloha! Kiki

    • LadySpirit,
      Unlike Ponte, I don't take Plute seriously. Sometimes he can even be mildly amusing. And he is after all Norwegian-American. As a group they are not noted for personality or charisma (think Walter Mondale). :-)

    • NC

      All great groups.. you probably saw the best day. Yes, It was cold, rainy, muddy, packed, and insane - but was one of the best memories!

      During my years in SF, I saw all of them at Fillmore West - great venue. Mad Dogs and Englishman Tour was awesome !!!

      I would spend Sat nights at the Fillmore, then go to brunch in Sausalito Sundays - my dual existance LOL Fun years..

      Speaking of great bands.. have you heard Santana's new albums ? He still rocks !!!

      These was a 4 hour special on PBS a couple of weeks ago - Santana was there, along with Eric Clapton (one of my all time favorites), and other great bluesmen. Hope you caught it !!


    • Nocomps...

      Ignore the silly old goat.. he had tried to fix me up with almost everyone on this board. I just try and humor him.. LOL

      I can find my own, if that's what I really wanted to do :)



    • Plute,
      You crack me up! But your crystal ball needs some Windex. I'm neither retired nor divorced. Also, it'll be a while yet before I reach 62.

    • AOK-Seems everywhere I've been in my youth has changed.I remember when you could drive anywhere in San Francisco and find a free parking spot now it is $20/hr.I miss the fresh abalone and most of all I miss the Old Barbary Coast feel of North Beach,Tenderloin,etc Cable Car was $0.25.If you wore your uniform in town you couldn't pay for a drink at Yankee Doodle a great wartime bar long gone but was near the St Francis.Treasure Island offerred terrific views of The City at night.Presidio was jewel Army Base.Ft Mason O'Club had view of Bay and was filled with military travelers preparing to embark to Vietnam.Best of all you could read Herb Caen every morning.What a town! BTW-Last time I went to Vegas was over 40 yrs ago,the Mafia ran the Stardust,now I'm not the Vegas type rather relax on Big Island. Aloha

    • Plute

      I was joking with my accountant that I could buy a quite nice house in Vegas with CA income tax proceeds. Do not forget that there is a 7.75% sales tax also. I wish that I had moved to Vegas ten years ago because as cheap as the San Joaquin Valley could acquire a palace there for 2/3 the amount. Not anymore. Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in U.S. Certainly not the one you remember, either.

    • Never been to Woodstock,never smoked pot but do remember Bob Big Boy's and that big,little kid with blonde fluffy hair.First Bob's I went to was in Pasadena & first Sambos was in Santa Barbara but NAACP sued Sambos because they thought it was named after Little Black Sambo but it really was named after owner Joe Sambos,can't win he had to change name.BTW-I prefer Santa Lucia mountains to the west central valley was great place for low-level flying Alameda to Miramar now both closed,I miss Old California and they didn't charge you 9.6% to live there.

    • I'd take it in a heartbeat !! I love the houseboats in Sausalito harbor !!! And with some to share it with... that's twice the fun !!


    • ...stay mad at you, Plute.


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