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  • orthosearch orthosearch Apr 28, 2005 10:51 AM Flag

    Yahoo Problem?!?...


    Thanks will give it a try. Market may be responding to assinine profit reports from Exxon Mobil Qtry earnings up $44B on every other industry's backs, This is not healthy for over-all economy. Do not deny them profits, but this is insane. Even with higher/barrel costs the downstream marketing profits and for the consumers of petro products is totally out of whack with other economic indicators and performance. If this continues, despite Dubya's speech tonite, the Repub's are going to really get burned in the mid years and that will really generate one helluva of a shi$t fight for the next 2 yrs of GW's term. GW and Cheney better council their oil patch buds to stop passing through insane pricing. Saw where a Bakersfield, CA station was charging $3.02 for regular.

    I'm afraid he will loose valuable Repub support as well in both Houses for all of his intiatives(sic). Coupled with DeLay's assinine attitude, GW has some major damage control to do. Made a big political gaff with moderates when he flew back from Texas with DeLay. Photo-op was not good!(Persh, nor was you pal Frist doing himself any major favors with the majority of the Repub's moderate majority this past weekend)

    Lib, watch the short positions, could really get burned in some sectors; especially with volatility fairly rampant(sic) now.

    Thanks again for the tip, we'll give it a shot.


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