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  • libabtinv85 libabtinv85 May 18, 2005 6:53 PM Flag



    Last year I told you about the yogurt containers that went from 8 ounces to 6 ounces, but kept the price the same. No inflation? This year, it�s the restaurant meals going up and making you pay for your drink unless it�s water. That was a perceptive point you made about having enough inflation to keep earnings up but low enough that the government can lie about it in their statistics. Do they count property taxes in the inflation statistics? The bastards are killing me with those. Goes up 10% per year. Kiki. Pay attention to what Plute told you about �Deliverance� That was very funny, Plute.

    Ponty. The only reason we Americans are arrogant is because we�ve built the best, freeest, most prosperous society in the history of the world�s existence. We�ve kept Europe free with our defense dollars so they could use theirs to build social welfare states and badmouth us. I think we deserve to be a little arrogant for keeping the free world free. It was the great liberal icon, Roosevelt that sold countries out at the end of WWII. All I hear about from liberals is how wonderful Roosevelt was. Yeah. Great guy. Raise taxes on employers during a depression, intern the Japanese in the U.S. and sell out the Eastern Block to the Soviets. Praise be to Allah����I mean Roosevelt.

    Speaking of arrogant Americans, how about those arrogant capitalists bidding up stocks today? Very sweet. As I posted at lunch time, the rally doesn�t make much sense. But I�m not giving the money back. Well, I probably will when the market goes down tomorrow. Mutual funds rule!!! Nuke funds are awful!!! Liquidate your money market funds and chase stocks!! J/K.

    Ponty. Good point. If you are going to start a bowel movement, it does not make sense not to finish it. We have left some movements unfinished in our past. One of the reasons the Russians lost so many people in WWII is because their failed society had no technology. All they could provide was ground troops. On top of that, Stalin didn't care about life. He didn't care how many died, as long as his kingdom remained. But that's what murderous dictators do.


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    • Lib,
      For those who weren't around during WWII and may have missed some of the comments.Here is one that made the rounds in the early 40's. "Five thousand years ago Moses said,'My dear friends, pick up your shovels, mount your ass and camel and I will lead you to the Promise Land". Five thousand years later Roosevelt said, "My dear friends, lay down your shovel, sit on your ass and smoke a camel for this is the Promised Land."

    • Lib,
      Maybe, we are entitled to some arrogance but if we were as great as we think we are we wouldn't need any arrogance. What I am going to post next I already posted about two years ago. When I was in Germany driving a deuce and half truck, pulling a trailer through downtown Frankfurt, I made a wrong turn on a one way street. The Germans on the street were waving and yelling at me and I knew what they were trying to tell me. I was saying, "Es tut mir leid," when the soldier with me stuck his head out of the window and yelled, "Hey you stupid fucking Krauts, speak English." Now, if that wasn't the epitome of ignorance and arrogance I don't what is. This is the kind of stuff that Ponty has reference to.

    • Lib-BRAVO ZULU.....but Phy would say: Of course we all know that. Did you see jbw from NFI MB he monitors ABT MB but I think he made a fortune being one of the first to buy NFI.Now his Pahute brothels provide a nice steady income and he still gives NFI shareholders a dscount....Only in America!

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