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  • physalia2000 physalia2000 May 19, 2005 8:02 PM Flag


    It isn't, "I seen the world," but I have seen the world, and that isn't true. You may have been to many places but you haven't seen the world. I bet you haven't been to Shamokin PA, Hoboken NJ, Kathmandu, Timbuctu, and Kalamazoo. And, you probably haven't been to a whole lot more foreign countries than Persh and I.

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    • >>>It isn't, "I seen the world," but I have seen the world, <<


      Apparently, I have seen much more of the wolrd than either of you -- I have this marvelous globe on my credenza, and I can see all of these places and more! <GRIN>

      With humble yet humorous best wishes,

      P.S. While you're on the subject of grammatical corrections, it isn't "... more foreign countries than Persh and I", it is "..than Persh and me." As a preposition, 'than' requires pronouns in the objective case. 'I' is nominative, 'we' is objective.

    • Phy-My criterion is where ever I go must be as comfortable as home and that narrows the selection.BTW-I been to Kalamazoo [had a girlfriend there] and I know a guy from Shamokin he said you have not missed anything.I thought Cocoa Beach was a little tacky too.You ever been to Switzerland,Vietnam,Phillipines,China,Japan,Okinawa,Denmark,Germany,France,Belgium,Italy,Luxemborg,Holland,England,Hawaii,Alaska,Hawaii,Fresno or Waukegan?

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      • plute,

        I have been to Fresno, and Waukegan.I wouldn't write home about either. Yes, Cocoa Beach is quite tacky. I don't go over there except maybe to Ron Jons a couple of times a year. I have been to most of those European countries and all South American countries except Boliva and Surinam. I haven't been to Japan but could go as my brother's wife owns a house in Tokyo. It was her parents home and she inherited it. In fact she is over there right now. My brother won't go anywhere after 20 years in the navy and another 20 in the merchant marines. Also, when I go to Europe I stay at my nephew's home in Darmstadt. He moved there from Munich.

      • Phy-I forgot Spain,Portugal,Australia,New Zealand,Canada & Mexico.

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