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  • commerce314 commerce314 Jun 11, 2005 8:44 PM Flag

    One wise message


    Jane Fonda says that we should sell all of our gold and buy dollars. If you were patriotic you should follow Jane and embrace the communistic way since it is inevitable.

    Honestly General, if you have %10 of your portfolio in precious metals, wheather physical or stocks, you should have time to bail out when the cookie crumbles. Hunker down now and reap the rewards.

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    • gold and GUNS, right commerce? i cant figure out if you are a radical unionite, a socialist, or a right-wing ultra conservative. confusing message. but the stuff about buying american made goods leads me to believe you have some union affiliation. btw, when will it all crumble? i would like to be there to pick at the bones.


    • Commerce, whence comest thou? I see you have a Yahoo! ID back to '03; a veteran by these standards.

      I did note a poll in the NYT's this AM surveying whom we trust. The easy winners, the Military and the Supreme Court in that order.

      I'll remind the MB I did give Ponte the name Pontigula, it seemed right at the time, I guess. Actually, it still seems right.

      The General

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