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    • Phat Dawg, I suppose one gets use to lack of city amenities, but my wife would never move to a place that far from ice cream. Maybe I could get closer to Seneca, surely they have a piggly wiggly or something.haj

    • John,
      We have good friends who have been retired @ Lake K for 6 years. They love everything about it except shopping, and they got used to that. The issue is they have to take a cooler with them to the store so their ice cream does not thaw out on the way home.

      They got involved in some educational and cultural activities @ Clemson.
      They are close to good health care.
      Mild winters.
      Golf and water sports.
      What�s not to love?

      Just came in from my run � 98% humidity, 73 degrees � a killer!

    • Thank you, Ponte, for giving me a different viewpoint. I can definitely say I would not miss cold weather. I agree with Phy's wife about temperatures below 32. I'll use that as a starting point for a change and see where it leads. haj

    • Haj,
      Maybe you should look at Brown County or Monroe County IN.You sure can't beat the price. Not really mountains but very hilly with beautiful fall foilage. Spring comes by early April and the winters are not that cold. An average of 5 to 10 days a winter with temp. below +10. Maybe a zero once a year. Summers are not bad either with all the trees.

    • Phy, great choice on Highlands. I've spent lots of time down the road at Cashiers. I'll reconsider that area as it is beautiful, but healthcare is lacking. I'm also looking at Lake Keowee in South Carolina, just a short drive below the Highlands area. All in all, I would rather have a view of mountains than to live on a mountain. Living on a large lake in a moderate 4-season climate would suit me fine.

    • Phy, yes, my bro said it took his body a year or more to adjust. I guess I could take the summer well enough, but I would never get use to sweating at Thanksgiving. I'm trying to talk myself into buying at a development named Habersham in Beaufort, SC, but the summers are coastal all the way and winters are as cold as Atlanta. Maybe I want too much or perhaps I'm a good snowbird candidate. haj

    • Haj,
      If one really want a nice place in the mountains they should try Highlands NC. This is mainly a summer place for the rich and prices are high around there. Really, cool in the summer with temps. in the low to mid 80's and cool nights. Beautiful place. About 5 miles north of the GA border and about 10 miles from SC.

    • Haj,
      I remember my first summer here and I thought the humidity was bad, maybe I got use to it. I went to Colorado one summer and my nose bled all the time I was there. I thought it was because it was so dry. I think the body does adjust.

    • phy, my brother in Vero says the same thing about the summer temperatures not being any worse than Atlanta, but it seems so to me. The humidity kills me.

    • aok,
      My area in FL is # 5. This is Palm Bay, Melbourne and Titusville. I live between Melbourne and Titusville in Viera and Viera has increased 113% since I moved here in Feb. of 2001. Maybe, I should sell and move up to Nashville to be near Persh. He probably doesn't want me. I could move in next to Reece.

      • 2 Replies to physalia2000
      • IMO the housing bubble is like the tech stock bubble of the late '90's; everyone knew it was going to pop, but it kept going until most skeptics had decided that it "is different this time". It wasn't, and the rest is history.
        Common sense tells us that the housing bubble and for that matter the economy are due for a tumble: 1)interest rates are rising, and are going to keep rising as long as we have to borrow more from the rest of the World than we save, 2)the impact of oil price increases have yet to be fully realized, 3)huge diversion of resources off-shore to pay for the war in Iraq and the rebuilding of that country.
        Here's what I'm saying: RECESSION
        Before the end of Bush's 2nd term.
        Look, Americans are by nature non-savers. Young 20-30 somethings buy, put it on the credit card, and worry about it tomorrow. They have pursued the American Dream, and bought houses on credit that are well beyond their means to repay. In addition, too many people take out loans against the increased equity in those homes that has been brought on by inflation in housing prices, just to buy more stuff.
        Higher interest rates and oil price increase as it affects transportation costs, consumer disposable income, and raw material costs of petrochemicals are eventually going to dampen this economy. Not yet, but it will. When it does companies are going to pull in their horns. We've seen it before; we'll see it again. People are going to lose jobs.
        I don't believe that the big money interests in this country, which I believe actually control this country's government and the decisions our leaders make, will stand for rampant devaluation of the Dollar, as would occur if inflation were used as a way out for the debtor class. It would cost them too much. So, barring some kind of Populist takeover of the government, I believe that interest rate tightening continues, and for the reasons outlined above, recession and deflation ensue.
        While I believe this will happen, it looks like the stock market has momentum for now. I don't know why it is still going up given the interest rate and oil price negatives that should be dragging it down.
        Meanwhile, I am still selling into this rally, picking up some shares here and there when I think a company's stock has been inappropriately beaten down, but still have some more stock yet to sell. Holding the ABT, HSP, and Big Pharma, though, because IMO their day will come as the others begin to fade.
        Good Luck ABT & HSP Longs! Snug

      • Phy,

        There is one nice home coming on the market down there, it's maybe 1/3 mile from me and 4-5 houses from Reece and very nice. I'd guess $600-700K (which is probably a lot less than your waterfront place down there).

        We could have drinks once a week and talk about the buds. You could work on getting to know Reece.


        I'm thinking Fred would suit you fine as POTUS.


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