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  • snugly60031 snugly60031 Jul 20, 2005 6:01 PM Flag

    Big Pharma Best Way to Play Biotech

    Reasons: Deep pockets and marketing.

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    • KiKi,

      Well, I don't know any myself. There will always be special situations, but hard to find.

      My own take on this is to hang on to the S&P index I already have and not buy a managed large cap fund. Did I say I bought more India (IFN, closed end)?

      The General

    • General

      We were asked which large cap to consider, I haven't seen other suggestions. Jim Cramer said to hang onto GOOG last night.

      CLX, GLM and MO made me lots of money in tempore non suspecto fer sherr.

      Bonjour! Kiki

    • Mom's yard guy was Albert. He had a bum ankle like his achilles had been cut. Stronger than an oxe. Gold middle tooth. He was from Midline Texax where he had owned a barbecue joint. He killed three guys at once who tried to rob him. That is why he left. Bad blood in town. Good God what a laugh he had. Deep, sincere and resonant. I had an old Indian skull which a friend dug up in Tulare County which he came across in the garage. You should have heard him. He got the royal heebie-jeebies and let-er-rip. He told me stories.

    • AoK,

      Fannie Mae got $1 a day and "Uncle" Bob who cut the grass also got $1. Both got bus fare.

      Callie, the maid across the street, killed her husband and got a year. She was right back over there after her release from prison. We were all scared to death of her. My mother said if I behaved myself I had nothing to fear.

      I did have a Whizzer bike and I have posted links.


    • "Worried about you in Nashville, Persh"

      Yeah right, Pershing. Just as you were worried about your "pseudo" poverty on your mototorized bicycle...cute little flyer of which you posted a picture here. Nothing wrong with maids, if they are paid a proper rate per hour.

      He he.

      Funds. No good.


    • Maybe so, but don't buy Clorox and Walmart, for goodness sake, KiKi. Just buy the S&P and forget it.

      Worried about you in Nashville, Persh

    • I bought some more NFI ca. $39 and have enough of it now. Will start selling at $45 unless I change my mind.

      That was a good buy, but you must learn NFI fundamentals. However, whatever you have been doing, appears to have worked.

      The 10 year has been going up in the wake of Chinese choice, but I do not believe that it will effect the fundamental soundness of the housing market "going forward"...hate that term.

      Your NLY choice is plain wrong, but it plays.

      Buying funds is a sellout.


    • Aok

      I bought some more NFI ca. $39 and have enough of it now. Will start selling at $45 unless I change my mind.

      Sold most NLY at $20 and bought back at $17 as usual.

      Watching ENN and CLX closely fer sherr.

      The 2% yuan is more damaging than $90 a barrel IMO.

      FYI: Strong Sell = do not buy yet.

      Bonsoir! Kiki

    • Kiki

      Your "strong sell" of Abt is old. Whatever its intended purpose is gone. Abt will be OK. It will just be enormously boring, and if Hillary gets elected, watch out for price controls of some sort. Talk here will not change a thing.

      You should buy a big dose of NFI which will have somewhere in the range of $9.00 in dividends next year.


    • General

      I am about to acquire some CLX at under $55 and possibly Walmart in the mid-forties.

      So much cash, so few oportunities ... pitiful!

      Ave! Kiki

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